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White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive CD Review

White Wizzard fourth album, first one in four years. Starting off with the title track, White Wizzard sets a tone of classic hard rock/metal album. The band drives their style with each track with riffs and pounding rhythms...


DarkC3ll Review by DJ Rookilla


In a world where the ‘Core’ genre of metal seem’s to be taking over the mainstream and everyone starts to sound the same, it is a breath of fresh air to get my hands on the new DARKC3LL album “Haunted Reality”

The Brisbane 4 piece gained lo...

Opeth’s Sorceress CD Review by CrazyIvan


CrazyIvan choose to review Opeth’s latest CD: Sorceress. The album is full of progressive rock tracks and a few of them having a heavy sound like earlier Opeth CDs...


MESHIAAK Alliance Of Thieves Album Review

Former 4ARM vocalist Danny Tomb anounced back in 2014 that  he was onto something big, a new project was in the works...

Dethklok – Dethalbum III

(Review thanks to Sic Asylum) Don’t forget to head on over and like the Sic Asylum Facebook page as we near our website launch.

It’s so cliché for people to say that a band is maturing usually when they are trying to justify a new sound...


Allegaeon – Formshifter

It’s so nice to get an album from the technical death metal genre that is worthy of both reviewing and listening to over and over again...


ALBUM REVIEW: Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier

‘The Final Frontier’ does not begin like an Iron Maiden album.

Opener ‘Satellite 15’ is, quite simply, a little unusual...


Beyond The Permafrost – Ripping Thrash! – 95%

Having been a listener, fan, devotee, and follower of thrash metal since 1985 I have many opinions of bands and the albums they have released...


Review of DyNAbyte’s 2KX Album by CrazyIvan (Braingell Radio)

Band image of DyNAbyte

DyNAbyte is a three piece band who hail from Genova, Italy. Their music falls into the Industrial genre. That is why this album is so appealing to me, I have an industral streak in me...


Final Frontier Review

The Final Frontier… ominous words, no? Perhaps. But they are dramatic words and grandeur such as that has always been synonymous with Iron Maiden in their 30 plus year history of broad, widescreen pioneering of this genre of music that we ...