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In all honesty, I am not really a diehard fan of metal. Yes, I was raised on bands like Black Sabbath and love bands like Saxon, Iron Maiden, UFO and so on. I simply mean, I am not a big fan of the more intense style of metal such as Metallica, Slayer, or Slipknot. So, if a band of that intensity can impress me then that truly speaks volumes.

I witnessed Lord Marshall live a few weeks ago and was absolutely floored. They were aggressive yet never lost touch of melody. The same goes for their 5-song CD, Event Horizon

None of the tracks are fast or cranium-splitting (which they are) for the mere sake of being so, a mistake many metal bands make. Guitarist/song-writer/vocalist Loic J. Gisselere has a talent for creating in-your-face rawness but wrapping it up in melody.  He does not lose sight of the fact that a song needs to be a song and not just five or six minutes of non-stop thrash.  Tracks like Custom Fast Fire, and Prayer for the Rest (Of Us) are as heavy as anything Pantera or Slayer has released but keeping the Iron Maiden/Judas Priest style of refined song-writing (and delivery) intact. Event Horizon is old-school metal with a fresh coat of newness. There is also a great deal of classical music influence (Mozart, Beethoven) shining thru. Like the style of those great song-masters, every track has “layers,” almost like three or four songs are played out into one. They build into a crescendo, almost equating to an epic movie. These aren’t merely songs – they are truly events.

Lord Marshall, specifically the CD Event Horizon, keep it all balanced. Rawness, aggression, melody, it could easily become a muddled mess. But, Gisselere knows not to lean too far into any specific genre here which makes all 5-tracks stand out from what is passing as metal nowadays.

I think it’s easy for a band to bang out thrash metal for the simple intent of just doing it  and understand there is an audience that will jump  upon it. But, Lord Marshall is too smart for that. Yes, thrashers will love this but I believe those that appreciate well crafted songwriting along with the full-throttle metal approach will fully understand what Lord Marshall is doing

No band can reproduce their intensity on a studio album but that doesn’t mean Event Horizon (which, by the way, is the name of that futuristic-looking axe as seen on the CD cover) falters to any degree. It is just, well, a slightly more restrained version of their live show. And I use the term restrained, loosely here.

Event Horizon is not, by any means, original. It is, however, a promising display of metal that has won over even a skeptic like myself.  Most metal bands get in a comfort zone and become predictable. I don’t believe that will happen with Lord Marshall. Gisselere  has too many ideas as demonstrated here, not to believe that there are an endless array of musical plateaus yet to be conquered. In the meantime, savor Event Horizon at a loud volume and listen to metal the way it should be done.


  1. Custom Fast Fire
  2. Genome Brother
  3. Prayer for the Rest (Of Us)
  4. Oxygen (Instrumental)
  5. Mr. Mercenary

Event Horizon is available on the bands website,  www.lordmarshall.com

http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/event-horizon-ep/id430366912 for downloads,


Custom Fast Fire music video @:http://www.youtube.com/user/LORDMARSHALLBAND,


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