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It’s awesome to see the older venues such as  the Key Club, The Whiskey, etc. as well as newer venues like Malones, the Tiki Room, Marquee 15, etc. that continue to bring quality national acts as well as getting great local support bands to put together some seriously kick ass shows. Bands such as Accept, Saxon, Armored Saint, UFO, Lita Ford, as well as numerous others.


I, myself, have been very impressed with many of the support bands who have just gone out and delivered. One of the bands that stand out to me is Stonebreed.  Just a straight forward hard rock band that have top notch musicians as well as put on a hell of a show. If you have not seen them, you seriously need to check them out!! Another kick ass and really fun band is Dive Bomber, loud and in your face, as well as a visual experience…another must see!!  There have been a lot of our older local acts playing as well, Leatherwolf, Ruthless, Heretic, Hirax, and Bitch just to name a few.


As a huge fan of live music, I, myself, try and go to shows as often as possible. Not just for the entertainment but to support the local bands trying to make their mark in the business. With the venues putting such awesome shows together, I am starting to see larger crowds for a few of the local bands as their fan base grows. This is a very cool thing to see indeed!! We, the metal fans, have been begging for this for a long time. Now that we are starting to see some seriously ass kicking shows being booked all over southern California, all we need to do is get off our asses and go to the shows and support the bands as well as the music we all embrace so much.

Bands put in so much time and money into rehearsal space, recordings, travel expenses, etc.  The least we, as music lovers can do is, drop a $10 dollar cover, drink some brews with friends, and support our local music scene. Hope to see all of you at a show soon, beer in hand and a smile on your face as our local scene improves!!


Dive Bomber

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