634734188601670839Vattnet Viskar will be auctioning off one of their personal vinyl copies of their self-titled EP (limited to 80) to raise money for the NH Community Behavioral Health Association. In regards to this auction, the band comments:

“Few times in our lives are we truly impacted by one single event. By now, we’re all aware of the horror that took place in Newtown, CT. But as the media leaves town and the networks stop the 24-hour coverage, the work for preventing another tragedy like this must be started. Although our resources are limited, we as a band would like to show our support.

Starting today, we will be auctioning off a vinyl copy of our 2012 self-titled EP. This is Chris’ personal copy of the Broken Limbs Recordings pressing which was limited to only 80. It will never be pressed again. All proceeds raised from this auction will be donated to the NHCBHA in the name of the winning bidder.

Although this ultimately may not lead to a large sum of money, music is all we have to give. Please pass this on.” — Vattnet Viskar

To place a bid on Vattnet Viskar’s self-titled EP, please click here to visit their eBay account (PayPal accepted). The auction ends Monday, December 31st.



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