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Could you imagine a bill of Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, and Judas Priest?  Well, that sure will not be happening, even in our wildest dreams. Other World Productions, however, is offering up three amazing Tribute bands, paying homage to these afore-mentioned acts.

Diamonds and Rust will be honoring the Metal Gods themselves, Judas Priest.  They have performed at Malone’s before, to a very enthusiastic, and appreciative crowd, and no reason they won’t be equally fired up again.  The 5-piece D & R cover all era’s of Priest, reaching back to relics, such as The Ripper, on to expected faves from British Steel, such as Breakin’ the Law, Living After Midnight, and, of course Metal Gods, and up thru Screaming for Vengeance, and Hot Rockin’.  The only thing I wouldn’t expect to see out of this killer tribute act, is lead vocalist Bob Hogan riding across the stage on a Harley.

Led Zeppelin is a much honored band, and, although there are countless acts out there paying tribute to them, Mothership is a slight bit different. No, they don’t play those beloved Plant/Page songs in a reggae style. What they do, that others don’t, is actually replicate Zeppelin’s live acts, in term of improving a bit, and extending the tunes into jam sessions. Some music fans may not enjoy that, but most do, especially when the musicianship is at such an impressive level of talent, as Mothership.  You will hear, of course,  the obligatory Rock and Roll, and Black Dog, but will probably also be treated to extended masterpieces, such as Dazed and Confused (complete with violin bow-on-guitar interlude), and No Quarter.

Who the hell isn’t a Motorhead fan, right?  So, that’s where Knucklehead comes in. I have to admit, this is the first Motorhead tribute band I have seen, and Knucklehead possesses the same frontal-lobotomy-World War 3 attack as Lemmy and Co. does. Then, again, what else would one expect?

In terms of original music, we have Intake, a 6-piece band that combines full-throttle metal music, with a bit of techo/industrial to the menu. They have opened, in the past, for Static-X, Body Count, and In This Moment, so that should tell you a bit of their style: heavy ! !

Rounding out the bill for this evening is Angel Mio (combining originals with some covers), and Any Port in the Storm.








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