SERENITY to Release Upcoming Album ‘War Of Ages’; Featuring New Member Clémentine Delauney

serenitywarofagesSerenity will release their new album, War Of Ages, on March 22 in Europe, with a release in March/April for North America and Asia. The new album features the newest member of the band, Clémentine Delauney, as voice on lead, backing and choir parts.

War Of Ages track listing:

01. Wings Of Madness
02. The Art Of War
03. Shining Oasis
04. For Freedom’s Sake
05. Age Of Glory
06. The Matricide
07. Symphony For The Quiet
08. Tannenberg
09. Legacy Of Tudors
10. Royal Pain
11. Fairytales (ballad version; limited-edition bonus track)
12. Love Of My Life (limited-edition bonus track)

Says the band: “While staying true to all Serenity trademarks such as symphonic orchestras, heavy rhythms, amazing melodic vocals and bombastic choirs, we also brought in some new elements in form of various new sounds in the Serenity universe and a constant implementation of female vocals supporting outstanding singer Georg Neuhauser.”










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