267740_241944105831308_4632303_nVivian Campbell of Def Leppard (ex-Dio) recently did an interview with Leslie Michele Derrough of and you can check out some of that interview below.  Def Leppard will be in Las Vegas for a rock & roll residency called Viva Hysteria, from March 22 to April 10 and the band will be playing their entire Hysteria album.

Def Leppard is about to start a residency in Vegas at the end of the month. What do you have planned and what special treats do you think you’re going to throw in for all your fans who are traveling to Vegas just to see you?

Well, aside from doing the Hysteria record in sequence, we are actually doing two sets. The first set will be obviously nothing from Hysteria but we’re going to try to make every night different, even if it’s only by one song. During that first set of the evening we will be getting obscure. If we follow through on what we’ve talked about, we’ll actually play songs that we’ve never played before, like real obscure stuff, like from the first album and whatnot. So that’ll be interesting, that’ll be exciting. You know, most of the songs from the Hysteria record were played for decades, they’ve been staples of our live show through the years, but there’re three songs we’ve never performed before. So that will be exciting to do those for the first time.

Can you tell us what the three songs are?

Yeah, a song called “Don’t Shoot Shotgun,” a song called “Run Riot” and the third song is called “Love & Affection,” which actually has been played before but very briefly and many, many, many years ago. So long ago that we can’t remember how to play it.

220px-CampbellDefEverybody talks to you about your electric guitars but I wanted to ask you about that beautiful red acoustic you play on stage.

It’s a Gibson J-200. It was originally a natural wood finish and I got it in the mid-1990’s from the lovely people in Bozeman, Montana, who make my acoustic guitars. We were touring, we were somewhere in the mid-west in the middle of winter back in like 1998 or 1999 or something like that. The guitar, like all the equipment, is parked in the truck overnight and it was so cold that after several nights like this, the finish on the guitar started to crack. So the people at Gibson said that they’d take it back and refinish it for me and I decided to ask them about giving it some color. So we decided on this particular red and it’s the only one I’ve ever seen – ever, ever, ever, ever – until a couple years ago when that country band came along, Lady something or whatever you call it. They’re a three piece but one of them plays guitar and he plays a red J-200 Gibson acoustic guitar exactly like mine and I’m so pissed (laughs) cause everyone probably thinks, “Oh look, Viv Campbell’s got one just like the guy in that band.” But I had it way, way before that.

Head over to and check out the complete interview with Vivian.

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