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UPDATE:  There’s been a small statement made on Jani Lane’s (John Kennedy Oswald) personal website which states:

Jani will be missed by all. Very unexpected and tragic news of his untimely death. Jani just wrote the updated bio (himself) and had been recording lots of new music. God bless him.

Do make sure that you go and check out his updated bio.  It’s the most personal thing I’ve ever read on any artists webpage.

Quite a few of his fellow musicians have made posts/tweets  with their condolences.

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx, who wrote, “I just heard the sad news about Janie Lane. So hard to swallow when people have kids. RIP.”

Poison singer Bret Michaels, said, “We’d like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Jani Lane regarding their loss. Respectfully, Bret and all at MEGI.”

Former MTV VJ Martha Quinn  writing, “Super sad news. Janie Lane, dead at 47 … #RIP Jani Lane.”

Slash, Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, former Guns N’ Roses member Steven Adler, Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy and wrestler/rocker Chris Jericho also have made comments as well.

Michael Sweet of Stryper has made several tweets:

I’m still in shock over the sudden passing of Jani. I was just sitting in a dressing room with him less then a month ago. Had I known, I would have spent more time with him. It always hits me like a brick – would have, could have, should have. Unfortunately usually once it’s too late. He was a good hearted guy with a gentle soul. I know he had a tough life and many battles but who doesn’t? He seemed to be genuinely working so hard at sorting things out and getting things in order. It’s a true shame. It’s a reminder to me to stay focused on what’s important and what matters – family and friends and the love and grace that give to them……
My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Jani Lane. Had the pleasure of meeting him on TMS and he was a great guy.

I’m sure there’s going to be quite a few memorial guest books floating around but here’s one I’ve found so far…   You can also go to Jani’s Facebook page and give your condolences there, as well.

Again, we will continue giving you all the news as we get it.


The rock community has just lost yet another great musician.  Jani Lane, 47, original frontman for the band Warrant, has passed away.  He was found dead at a Woodland Hills, Calif., Comfort Inn hotel.

There’s been no official cause of death or statement on his web page but there’s quite a few posts from his fans mourning his death on his Facebook page.  We here at Braingell will try to stay on top of any new information and pass it on to you.

Comments No Comments » recently conducted an interview with rhythm guitarist/songwriter Ivar Bjørnson of the progressive/psychedelic Norwegian black metallers ENSLAVED. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

““Vertebrae” was so well received, so how did you not only adapt to its success, but prepare for the next one?

Ivar Bjørnson: It was a little surprising, I guess, not because I didn’t think it was a good album, I just don’t have much expectations when we release an album. Music and especially the stuff we’re working on, is such a personal thing. Also, I’m quite content when I finish an album. I knew he had done the best we could with that album, but I was a little taken aback as to how dignified the positive responses were. We went in a mellow direction with“Vertebrae” and a lot of times that can be a red flag for part of the extreme metal scene, but we seem to get away with it. Now I’m curious about how it’s going to work when we go the other way, when get a little harder again with the new album.“Axioma Ethica Odini”’s harder and more aggressive, so did you use the same process where you secluded yourself for months at a time in order to compose the album?

Bjørnson: Yes. Even more so this time. I’d started to get ideas in the first half of 2009 while we were touring and doing festivals. The pressure started building up inside of my head for these ideas for riffs and the whole album, so at some point in August or September of last year I had to go to an empty house and get it all out on paper and onto my computer. It was an eruption, so to speak…it was really cool. It’s like food — if you have a main course of something and you get fulfilled, you want to go onto something else. So with “Vertebrae”, it was melodic and mellow, that’s when we asked if we were really ready for something else, so that’s when we decided to go in this harder direction.

Read the entire interview from

Go to SMNnews

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