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chimaira20111According to, Mark Hunter, frontman for Chimaira, has been writing new music and expects the new material to hit the stores as early as this coming summer via eOne Music.

“We have twelve demos written and we’ve actually gone into the studio and demoed it professionally instead of just a standard computer/Pro Tools kind of thing. We’re getting ready to enter the studio in February and make a new album.”

“2011 sucked. This year’s been all about rebuilding and we got a chance to do overseas. Our first show with the new line-up was at Soundwave in Australia in front of 10,000 people. It was really nice to have to go through such a terrible year and just kind of stand on top of a mountain and go, ‘Wow, OK, we got out of it, and we’re here, we got a band, we sound great, and we can move forward.’ So this year has been restructuring the entire business from the ground up, realigning ourselves with new teams; be it management, agent, merchandise companies, everything from the whole ground up. In my opinion, the only way to move forward was to rebuild the whole thing from the bottom up.

“We want to come out with an album that not only captures the essence of what the fans have grown to know over the years, but we want to do something not only for the scene that’s special, but for musicians out there, too. The musicianship in this band now is definitely on the next level. Everyone’s pretty much a virtuoso at their instrument. Some of the stuff Emil [Werstler, guitar] was writing yesterday on this new song, I’m watching him play and I’m like, ‘There are only going to be about a handful of people that’ll able to play this!’ I’m imagining like a kid getting home, getting our new record and maybe they have the guitar, and they go sit down and try play along to it. And it’s going to take them a very long time.

“We couldn’t be happier moving forward. It sucks that we had to go through hell — no pun intended — to get to where we are now. But I think all of us, coming from lessons of life, lessons of bands, lessons of the industry, we’ve lived and learned and now we have something completely different to prove.”


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Chimaira are apparently slowly morphing into proggy death metal band Daath — which isn’t a bad thing, as evidenced by Chimaira’s excellent 2011 album ‘The Age of Hell,’ which featured Daath guitarist Emil Werstler (on bass) and Daath keyboardist Sean Zatorsky.

In a new post on Chimaira’s official website, frontman Rob Hunter announced …

“We are proud to announce the addition of Matt Szlachta and Jeremy Creamer to Chimaira.

“The plan was to build an undeniable string section and we have done just that. Jeremy will be pounding on the bass, and Matt shredding alongside Emil on guitar.

“As a way to say hello to the Chimaira fans, Jeremy recently remixed a couple of tracks from The Age Of Hell.

Go here and download the FREE EP and listen to the Allinaline mixes. (We’d also like to thank Dubba Jonny for remixing Year Of The Snake!)

“CCXII marks the end of an era, but it’s also the start of a new chapter. We look forward to 2012. Thank you all for your overwhelming, and continuous support.”

“Fans already know Emil from the ‘Coming Alive’ DVD, the insane guitar solo at the end of ‘Samsara,’ and most recently on stage playing bass for The Age Of Hell tour,” Hunter said. “We are [also] proud to announce the addition of Matt Szlachta and Jeremy Creamer. The plan was to build an undeniable string section, and we have done just that.”

Chimaira recently released a free digital EP, ‘The Age of Remix Hell,’ which features tracks from ‘The Age of Hell’ remixed by Creamer.’ Hunter described it as Creamer’s ‘Way to say hello to the Chimaira fans.’

On Nov. 10, Chimaira guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt Devries announced they would be leaving the band at the end of the year. On Dec. 6, Devries explained why he left after more than a decade with the group. “Over the past year, I looked closely at what drove me, and asked myself where I wanted to go as both an artist and as a person,” he said. “What motivated me as a kid from Cleveland wasn’t necessarily the same thing that now drives me today as a man with a family. I realized that as much as Chimaira had defined my past decade and made me who I am today, it was time to explore my next decade of music, and grow into the person I need to be.”

Werstler, Zatorsky and Creamer are still listed as members of Daath on the band’s official MySpace page.

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Mark Hunter, vocalist for Chimaira, was arrested for having weed in his possession during a routine traffic stop yesterday in El Paso, Texas.  Unfortunately, Mark was able to to perform last night at the gig in San Antonio.  Chimaira’s keyboardist and backup vocalist (also the front man for Daath) filled in for him.  Here’s what Sean had to sayChimaira vocalist Mark Hunter was arrested yesterday in El Paso, Texas for possession of marijuana during a routine traffic stop. Due to this, he wasn’t able to perform last night at the band’s gig in San Antonio. The band’s keyboardist and backup vocalist Sean Z, who also is the frontman for DAATH, filled in for him. Here is what Sean had to say about his arrest on Twitter:

Emil Werstler, guitarist for Chimaira (and for Daath) had this to say by responding to Mark’s Twitter…

Backstage Live offered to give partial refunds to those who didn’t want to attend and Mark will be performing tonight in Dallas.

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CHIMAIRA have released an official album teaser surrounding the launch of the “The Age Of Hell” iTunes pre-order which is now live.

Check out the teaser below.

You can preview/preorder on iTunes  HERE.

The band also has a slew of bundle preorder packages that feature a variety of exclusive merch for true diehard fans. View those HERE.

CHIMAIRA have officially announced their new release “The Age Of Hell” which will hit the US August 16, 2011. “Words can’t express what it took to create this album. We hope you love it as much as we do. Turn it up loud, this is Chimaira at it’s finest.” says frontman Mark Hunter.

The band recently released singles Born In Blood and Trigger Finger to much critical praise. Alternative Press recently stated that this is “Chimaira’s most ferocious material to date.” The record will be released with a DVD containing an intimate in depth interview with the band as well. “The Age Of Hell” will be the band’s newest release since “The Infection” which was released in 2009.

CHIMAIRA is Mark Hunter – Vocals, Rob Arnold – Lead Guitar, Matt DeVries – Guitar, Emil Werstler – Bass, Sean Z – Keys and Austin D’Amond – Drums

For more information on eOne Metal please visit or follow @E1MetalATTACK

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The new lineup of the Cleveland, Ohio metal band CHIMAIRA made its live debut this past Wednesday, May 25 at The Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan. Fan-filmed video footage of the concert can be viewed below.     CHIMAIRA 2011 is: Mark Hunter – Vocals Rob Arnold – Guitar Matt DeVries – Guitar Emil Werstler (DAATH) – Bass Sean Zatorsky (DAATH) – Keyboards/Samples Austin D’Amond (BLEED THE SKY, THE ELITE) – Drums Although D’Amond will sit behind the kit for all of CHIMAIRA’s upcoming shows, the drum tracks on the band’s recently completed new album were laid down by the CD’s producer, Ben Schigel, who has previously worked with DROWNING POOL and WALLS OF JERICHO, among others. The effort was mixed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL, MURDERDOLLS, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD). CHIMAIRA spent several days earlier this month filming a new music video and DVD, to be released in connection with the band’s forthcoming studio album, due in August in North America, South America and Japan via eOne Music. Check out photos from the shoot at the group’s Facebook page. Drummer Andols Herrick announced his departure from CHIMAIRA last month, citing “some of the same concerns that” keyboardist/programmer] Chris Spicuzza “mentioned in his statement [announcing his split from the group], namely the current state of the music industry and concerns about my future.” Andols added, “A major transition in life is much more manageable at 31 than it is in your late 30s or early 40s, so as a guy with literally zero experience in anything else, better now than later. Plus, it would be hard to go back without feeling constantly uneasy about the situation.” Spicuzza explained his exit from CHIMAIRA by saying that the “situation in CHIMAIRA had ultimately become a negative environment that I had to get out of. Secondly, the music industry is completely fucked and honestly, I became concerned for my future. The amount of work and stress I took on got the best of me. I guess if you’re not happy or having fun, what’s the point?” Bassist Jim LaMarca left CHIMAIRA last year in order to focus on family life.

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CHIMAIRA, those kickass metalheads from Ohio,  have revealed their new lineup.  The new lineup was needed due to drummer Andols Herrick and keyboardist/programmer Chris Spicuzza leaving.
CHIMAIRA 2011 is:

Mark Hunter – Vocals
Rob Arnold – Guitar
Matt DeVries – Guitar
Emil Werstler (DAATH) – Bass
Sean Zatorsky (DAATH) – Keyboards/Samples
Austin D’Amond (BLEED THE SKY, THE ELITE) – Drums

CHIMAIRA conducted live video chat on the band’s Ustream channel last night (Thursday, April 14). Footage from the chat can be seen below.

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Asylum, the Illinois-based project featuring Markus Johansson (lead vocals, lead guitar) and Johnny Rox (bass), has changed its name to Sylencer. The band’s debut album, “A Lethal Dose Of Truth”, has been completely self-produced by Johansson and Rox and is nearing completion. The CD will contain 15 tracks with guest appearances by some of hard rock/heavy metal’s brightest stars, including Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Rob Caggiano (Anthrax, The Damned Things), Steve Smyth (Forbidden, Testament, Nevermore) and Christian Lasegue (Jag Panzer).


* Markus Johansson – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
* Johnny Rox – Bass


* Kevin Talley (DAATH, CHIMAIRA, DYING FETUS) – Drums
* Larry Tarnowski (ICED EARTH) – Lead Guitar

Guest Appearances:

* Brendon Small (DETHKLOK/METALOCALYPSE) – Lead Guitar
* Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND, DEATH) – Lead Guitar
* Michael Angelo Batio (NITRO) – Lead Guitar
* Roland Grapow (HELLOWEEN, MASTERPLAN) – Lead Guitar
* The Heathen (ZIMMERS HOLE) – Vocals
* Bill Hudson (CELLADOR, POWER QUEST) – Lead Guitar
* Emil Werstler (DAATH) – Lead Guitar
* Rob Caggiano (ANTHRAX) – Lead Guitar
* “Metal” Mike Chlasciak (ROB HALFORD, SEBASTIAN BACH, PAINMUSEUM) – Lead Guitar
* Alexei Rodriguez (PRONG, 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, WALLS OF JERICHO) – Drums
* Eyal Levi (DAATH) – Lead Guitar
* Sean Reinert (CYNIC, AEON SPOKE, DEATH) – Drums
* Christian Lasegue (JAG PANZER) – Lead Guitar


* Christian Olde Wolbers (FEAR FACTORY) – Vocal Engineering
* Wes ‘Waxley’ Seidman (GREEN DAY) – Engineering
* Maor Appelbaum (HALFORD, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) – Mastering

SYLENCER is currently unsigned and looking for a suitable record label to release “A Lethal Dose Of Truth”.

For more information, visit

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My first reaction to hearing this album in its entirety was simple: holy shit!  What’s scary is this album doesn’t reach its full potential until the third or fourth complete listen.  This is an album you put in your headphones for and turn it two pegs louder than you’re supposed to and you experience the journey.  The journey just happens to be a brutally heavy and dark 45 minute thorough ass kicking.  This is hands down Daath’s heaviest, darkest and most intricate work to date and I cannot put this release down.

The opening track, ‘Genocidal Maniac’, lures you in with guitarists Emil Werstler and Eyal Levi dueling each other and Kevin Talley doing a damned fine job of keeping up on drums for two minutes before Sean comes in to wreck your eardrums with his screams.  It quickly sets the pace and puts you in the same state of mind as five minutes into a horror flick when they find the first mutilated dead body and you just have to see more.  The album flows seamlessly to ‘Destruction/Restoration’ which is pretty much a clinic in how to kick your ass with brilliant guitars and breakneck drums.  ‘Indestructible Overdose’ opens with a quick, somber ten second intro that reminds you of walking into a funeral procession and then rest of the song is breaking everything and kicking everyone’s ass, living or dead, at that funeral.  ‘Double Tap Suicide’ is an almost five minute aural assault which displays some of the fanciest guitar work on the album.  ‘The Decider’ is heavy and catchy as fuck.  It’s amongst my favorite tracks on the album.  It gets hard to explain the intensity of every track on this album without sounding monotonous until you’ve given it about five listens yourself.  ‘Exit Plan’ is a song that Sean dominates on vocals until the guitars in the middle remind you that you’re listening to two six stringed monsters.  As you listen to the album you realize that what sets Daath apart from all of the other bands in the genre is that they are an insanely talented group.  This isn’t a band you listen to and say “I like the vocals but I don’t care about the music” or “I love the guitars and the insane drumming but I don’t like the singer.”  They are a very tight knitted group that all appear to be exactly on the same page musically and they all seem to have a lot of demons to expel on this album.  ‘Oxygen Burn’ slowly builds up to a pretty strange yet cool piece that is more like prepping you for surgery before ‘Accelerant’ dismembers you.  These two songs are the soundtrack for when the killer blows up the building from his cell phone on the other side of town and is out looking for his next victims.  ‘Arch (Enemy) Misanthrope’ and the following track, ‘Manufactured Insomnia’, showcase exactly what this band is capable of.  Between the two tracks it is eight minutes of fine musicianship that is a little more progressive and a little less in your face than the rest of the album.  Don’t think for a second though am I calling these songs slow or out of place because they will still kick your ass harder than most bands are capable of.  ‘A Cold Devotion’ gets right back in your face and is probably the most addictive song on the album.  ‘N.A.T.G.O.D.’ picks right up at the end of ‘A Cold Devotion’ for one more solid punch in the face and one more ball of treats on the fret board.  ‘Terminal Now’ winds the album down in instrumental fashion as if the horror movie we were sucked into is about to shoot the ending credits and the killer is on his boat to Mexico laughing at the trail of destruction he left behind.

Enough can’t be said for this album and how great the musicianship on it is.  The album will appeal to a lot of people from Lamb of God fans to fans of The Faceless.  It is definitely an album that took me a handful of listens to completely appreciate and that will be the only downfall of this album.  People without an appreciation for the finer things in music will listen to it once and not understand what I’m raving about because the album lacks fist pumping singles and was obviously made to be enjoyed as a whole experience and not a random song here and there.  I am a huge fan of albums like Mastodon’s Crack The Skye that are better on the fifteenth listen from start to finish and this is one of those albums to me.  It is safe to say that Daath lived up to all of the hype and anticipation that I had for this release and then some.  I will put this in the must own category and put it in my top five releases this year to accompany The Deftones’ Diamond Eyes, Soilwork’s The Panic Broadcast, Poisonblack’s Of Rust and Bones, and Fear Factory’s Mechanize.

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Daath have made some more studio footage from the sessions for their upcoming new self-titled album available online below. Furthermore, band guitarist Emil Werstler recently commented on the effort, which is due in stores through Century Media on October 26th, with the following statement:

“I’ve been listening to the final master of this record for a couple of days now. It is hard to believe that the task has been in process since March. In retrospect, I will say that more sacrifice was put into this record than anything I’ve ever been involved in. The content is EXTREMELY dark, distraught, and completely honest. The timing is appropriate as well considering how lacking music has been in the creative department for the last year or two.

I’m not hinting that we are going to become some pop culture phenomenon. We have no interest in that. As long as someone completely hates it, loves it or is moved in anyway be it positive or negative, our job is done. We have no interest in middle ground. You would have to be deaf to not hear that.”

Go to SMNnews

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DAATH guitarist Eyal Levi has revealed that he and fellow DAATH shredder Emil Werstler are working on a record with CYNIC drummer Sein Reinert, to be released on Magna Carta Records in Spring 2010. He also revealed that DAATH will return to the studio in April 2010 to begin recording their follow-up to The Concealers.

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