WHITECHAPEL: Phil Bozeman Answers YOUR Questions (Part 2)

As part of our ongoing tribute to WHITECHAPEL, we managed to lock down WHITECHAPEL frontman Phil Bozeman for a session of ‘Ask Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel Anything‘. The result was a slew of questions on our official forums and right here on this main page. Well, the wait is over, we have some selected answers to put on show for you today in a four part series of posts. Check back throughout the day to see what Phil Bozeman answered and to see if YOUR question was one he picked to reply back to.

Part one went up already, part two of that Q&A can now be found below…



How did you like playing warped tour this year? Also what is your favorite song to perform live?

Keep it brutal man

Warped tour was awesome, it’s always fun to play to a different crowd! As far as the second question goes, I would have to say Breeding Violence or Vicer Exciser.


Brandon Nichol

First off may I your an inspiration towards me :), but my question would be would you be playing any other new songs on the next tour? If so what songs?

PS: I’ll be seein ya guys in PA :)…..I would like to get a picture with ya 🙂

Ya dude we plan on playing lots of new songs on this next tour but you will just have to wait and see what they are! Thanks and we’ll see you in PA!




ok bud here it goes.

ear to fucking ear
the last line you say before ear to fuckin ear
“the verdict isnt met until your dead”

you dont say that on the two different versions off your demos.

What do you say in the original versions?

also why do you do less squeals now ?
(not saying you dont do them you just do them alot less)
is it a clarity thing?

Yes you’re right, in the original version I say “I’ll still remain obsessed until you’re dead.” As far as squeals go I only accent the “ee” sound unless the word is pronounced that way, makes more sense to me.



3 questions

#1: Did you prefer playing Mayhem or Warped Tour?

#2: If you had to pick a song that you have never played live yet, what would it be?

#3: About the lyrics on the Somatic Defilement, I was wondering how serious you were when you wrote the lyrics. Some bands write that kind of stuff and treat it like a joke, others actually want to kill people and molest their dead corpse, I was just curious about what you thought about it all.

Thanks 😀

I like Mayhem just because we fit more on that bill. I would want to play our instrumental “Death Becomes Him” because of the eerie feeling it gives off. The lyrics should never be taken seriously in the aspect of acting on them but they are a release of anger or hatred through music.



Since I just love Deftones and the song with chino was killer my question is. How was it working with chino?

Well, honestly we didn’t actually work with him physically but as far as through email it was awesome haha. He laid them down and we were happy with what came out!



Your an inspiration to me as a vocalist, I strive to achieve your level of vocal perfection.

1) What do you do to keep your voice and throat okay from doing vocals all the time?

2) What inspired you when writing the new era of corruption?

3) What is your greatest memory on any tour Whitechapel’s done?

I don’t really do anything at all to keep my voice in shape, no matter what this shit is gonna catch up to me no matter what and I’ve accepted that. ANEOC was inspired by lots of things from society, politics, family and just hatred for people. Getting a gun pulled on us a couple years ago in VA beach hahaha, fuck that shit!

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