WHITECHAPEL: What Gear Do They Use?

It’s the official “Rig-amortis” report from WHITECHAPEL’s very own Zach Householder, one of the band’s umpteen guitarists.

WHITECHAPELZach Householder Reports on his “Rig-amortis“…

We’ll start with the main parts of my rig which consists of a Mesa Boogie Traditional straight cab with Celestion vintage 30 speakers, a Fender EVH 5150 III head, an SKB Stagefive pedal board, and an ESP Horizon NT-7.

I’ve used Mesa Boogie cabs most of my life when it comes to playing guitar.  It has a very clean sound and i love the wood the cabs are made out of.  I’ve tried different speakers from Mesa (for example, the black shadows and the Greenbacks) and even though i do like the different sounds, i always end up coming back to the Celestion V30 speakers.  It has more low end than you could want and it sounds brilliant with any head to accompany it.

My Fender EVH, for instance, sounds great with the Mesa cab and is a perfect combo along with a Monster Speaker cable which you can never go wrong with.  The EVH has 3 channels ranging from Fender clean to sharp and saturated overdriven distortion.  It’s almost impossible not to find a tone i like out of this head.  It’s very precise with it’s sound and even with a lot of gain, it never seems to end up muddy.  A lot of metal guitarist like a scooped sound but i’m a fan of mids and this head has very nice and round ones along with thundering low end and great top end.

My SKB stagefive pedal board consist and makes up a lot of my sound in particular.  I like the SKB board because it meets all my needs for the pedals, it’s durable, has more than enough power options, a cable tester, AND a little built in earphone amp you can plug into to make sure everything is working.  I’ll run through everything that’s on the board and mention why i have it.  Everything on my pedal board is connected by top end Monster Cables or Mogami cables.  I can’t STAND cheap instrument and speaker cables and i always want ones you can depend on and that don’t just quit working after touring for 1 month.  They’re worth the money because they last.  First thing on the board is a Boss TU-2 tuner pedal that i’ve had for years and years.  This thing has been all over the world and could probably survive armageddon.  Its looks pretty beat up but it still does just fine.  Beside the tuner is an X2 Digital Wireless which i keep as a back up on tour in the US and actually use overseas. This thing is awesome…small and to the point.  5 channels, all digital, and no interference which is the best part.  Next in the chain is a Digitech Whammy pedal that i use for drop tuning, some detune effects, dive bombs, and some octave stuff.  These pedals sound pretty good and they’re not too awful expensive.  You have to calibrate them from time to time so that can end up being a pain, but it gets the job done.  Up next is the ISP Decimator noise gate.  I’ve tried all kinds of noise gates and never seem to have a problem with this one and will continue to keep using it until i do find a problem with it.  Last but not least is a Dunlop MXR GT-OD overdrive pedal that i use for a boost.  I’ve tried ALL kinds of boost pedals and finally i came across this one on a whim.  The first time i tried it with a Peavey 5150 head it made worlds of difference and not to mention made it sound SOOOO nasty and i loved it.  Cleans it up a whole lot and brings more life out of the amp.  I tried it with my EVH and it does even better.  It’s the best boost i’ve used thus far.

Last but not least is my guitar, the ESP Horizon NT-7.  This is a gorgeous guitar to begin with.  Looks very sleek and for being a 7-string, it feels like a 6 string in my hands.  The neck on it is amazing.  I’ve played 7 strings for almost 8 years now and it’s by far the best feeling 7 string i’ve ever played.  It also has EMG 707 pick ups in the neck and bridge as well.  I’ve always used EMG’s for metal and they’re honestly the best active pick-up for the job as i’ve used them for almost 6 years now.  The guitar has an alder body which i do like even though i prefer mahogany more times than any.  All-in-all, i beat the crap out of this guitar and it continues to sing perfectly for me.

And there’s the quickest rundown i can give for my gear list without typing a book about everything which i could very easily do.

Zach Householder

Catch WHITECHAPEL on tour starting October 1 with Impending Doom, Miss May I, Oceano, and I Declare War.

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