WHITECHAPEL: Phil Bozeman Answers YOUR Questions (Part 4)

As part of our ongoing tribute to WHITECHAPEL, we managed to lock down WHITECHAPEL frontman Phil Bozeman for a session of ‘Ask Phil Bozeman from Whitechapel Anything‘. The result was a slew of questions on our official forums and right here on this main page. Well, the wait is over, we have some selected answers to put on show for you today in a four part series of posts. Check back throughout the day to see what Phil Bozeman answered and to see if YOUR question was one he picked to reply back to.

Part one, two, and three are up…read forth for the final piece of ‘Ask Phil Bozeman‘ below.


Nick Status

What was it like working your way up to where you are now as a band?

Also, what inspired Whitechapel to have 3 guitarists in the lineup?

And finally, how are you so fuckin awesome?

It was hard, tedious work man just like anything you do in life but you when you finally get to a certain point, you look back and say “it was totally worth it!” The three guitar lineup was an accident, we had three people (Myself, Ben, and former guitarist Brandon Cagle) who started the band that met up with Alex, Gabe and former drummer Derek Martin. We all met up and we didn’t really want to “kick” anyone out so we just said “fuck it” and ran with it! I get my awesomeness from people like you that support me and inspire me to keep going!



How do you feel about your progression as a vocalist? Any tips for up and coming vocalists?

Do you ever feel that maybe the style of music you guys play is old?

Listening to The Somatic Defilement up until now makes me feel like I have progressed a lot! Anyone can do what I do, all you have to do is try and figure out your limits and capabilities. We play “metal” which is a form of music that will never die no matter what stupid sub-genre the people around the world want to call it and we do it because we love to!


duncan metcalfe

How old were you when you started doing death metal vocals?

I was about 16 or 17 years old and I’m 25 now



– do you inhale or exhale in your vocal style? do you ever alternate between the two?

– what is your opinion on deathcore versus death metal

– a lot of people wonder about the track written about the tragedy concerning your late mother, without being too intrusive, would you be

able to clear up the circumstances concerning that and how that impacted your life and your band?

– what exactly is a whitechapel?

I do all exhale vocals! In the end, it’s all metal no matter if you sing, scream or do both. No matter whether you groove or blast beat or thrash. Basically my dad died and she re-married years later and met my step-dad who hooked her on drugs and he promised to “save” our family and make things right. Well, if that meant hooking my mother on crack cocaine and causing her to over-dose and die then he succeeded. If I could murder anyone in the world he would be my first pick. Whitechapel is the district of London where Jack the Ripper committed murders.


tru neumayer

what has been your favorite tour so far and why?

That’s too hard to answer, but if I had a gun to my head and had to answer I would say the Unearth tour we did in October of 2008!



What do you use for your live vocal rig? and what programs do you guys use in the pre corruption video to record all of that? btw youre amazing.

I don’t use anything except an Audix OM-5 mic live, nothing else. In the video I’m using the same mic but just running it through pre-amp to clean it up, no effects besides delays and reverb.



I have heard that in your first or second album, that Phil used some type of vocal distortion. I myself have denied any such existence of that being true. So, have you ever used vocal distortion in any song? If so.. Which ones/one.

False, unless it’s an obvious distortion part for album effects but no I don’t use any kind of distortion. Maybe a tad bit of gain on the vocals but almost none at all.

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