BrokenCYDE: It’s Da Kash 4 Kush Tour Dates and Bands

Word up son. BC13 dooders BROKENCYDE will be heading out wit they crunk cups and pimp hats on fo’ da Ku$h 4 Ka$h Tour!

But wait…who are BROKENCYDE? They are the band that didn’t actually die, that weren’t kicked off Warped Tour 2009, but did release the video that turned the ‘bree bree’ into a booty call, and are of course the Crunk Screamo Band So Bad That Even Emo Kids Are Boycotting Them.

BROKENCYDE have announced they will embark on the Ka$h 4 Ku$h Tour in November alongside The Millionaires, Kill Paradise, and The Hit. The group’s new album Brokencyde – Will Never Die is scheduled to hit stores on November 9th, 2010 through BreakSilence Recordings.

“We are finally heading back out on the road on the ‘Ka$h 4 Ku$h’ tour, which will include our party friends The Millionaires, Kill Paradise, and The Hit,” commented Mikl from Brokencyde. “We start the tour in early November and end in early December. It’s going to be a wild tour and we can’t wait to see our amazing fans! We will be doing a lot of new songs from the album which drops on November 9th, so make sure you come check out the new songs before the record drops.”

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