GUNS N’ ROSES: Bumblefoot Says Shut Up and Eat Your Vegetables

The French website just published an interview with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal conducted as GUNS N’ ROSES were playing in France for the first time in four years. The interview includes questions about Bumblefoot‘’s point of view on the “Axl’s cover band” issue and about their secret gig in Paris as well as a live report of the band’s Amnéville concert. Full interview here.

An excerpt concerning the ‘cover band’ piece reads:

Those opinions matter to me about as much as a vegetarian’s opinion matters to the owner of a steakhouse. With the new music, I *do* cover the guitar parts I wrote and recorded, in songs written and recorded by the people in the band I’m playing in. So yeah, there ya go. A lot of the issues are about the name – there are those who take offense to keeping the name with all the line-up changes, I get it. That’s why I call this band “GNR”. I acknowledge the changes, and also think the current band deserves to be recognized as its own band and not be in the shadow of the past. But really, aren’t there bigger things in life to worry about? This kind of stuff is so trivial. Go to a show, and have fun. Or cry into a pillow and try and build a time machine. Your choice how ya wanna spend your day. This band, any band, exists for those that like it – if you don’t like it that’s totally ok, it’s simply not for you, the world is full of music, listen to something else. But complaining about it is pointless. If you don’t like meat, shut up and eat your vegetables.

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