Braingell Radio Chat: My Virtual Living Room

Approximately ten years ago, (2000) I discovered Braingell Radio by searching for “stoner metal”. I found an interesting link on the search engine and clicked it, only to discover the old home page that had the flames on it! Remember that? Clicked on the Listen Now button to hear a live voice, asking me to come to the chat room and make a metal/hard rock music request. At that moment I forgot all about my search, and clicked on the link for the chat room.


There, I found a chat room with a handful of people in it, who greeted me warmly, welcoming me to the chat room. I immediately asked all the questions that noobs ask, like who is the DJ, who’s voice I heard a minute ago? That particular night it was BGR’s own SongEmotions, one of the pioneer DJ’s of the day. A few “regular” chatters were lurking and/or chatting with Song, making various requests.

At that moment, I think I realized that I was going to be addicted to this place! Song answered most of my questions, politefully and I was HOOKED! I loved the idea and concept of being able to chat and discuss the music I was hearing! Not to mention all of the funny and racy comments besides the music, in the chat room!

Song was the first DJ I ever heard live on Braingell Radio. Possibly unknown to me at that time, I was inspired. I remember thinking this is so cool! It’s like having a virtual “other room” in your house, to go hang out with friends who drop by, party and hang out and chat! Song of course, was enjoying some beers and proclaiming it on the air, calling out on the air, some other chatters who he was teasing about various things in the chat room! I loved it. This was my new hobby!

I learned that the station was relatively new, and had only been around for six months or so. The owner of the station was the notorious virtualBoogieman, a.k.a. vB, that anyone could DJ, and this intrigued me. I of course, asked all the questions related to that, and over the next few weeks, I learned all about it. I imagined my future self an internet DJ, that would rock the internet world, topping ALL others, of course! Haha The process was more lengthy than I had thought, but so very interesting.

Fast forward about three years! Almost every night and many, many days I joined the chat room, to pass the time with my internet buds, ever-changing and acquiring new friends. Hearing their joys and sadnesses, musical likes and dislikes, their families and friends problems and successes, etc. It took this long to get my nerve up to try to DJ, as well as collect enough music to try this new venture! I was happy enough to just remain a listener and chatter, but when you talk about wanting to DJ someday as often as I probably did, sometimes, it takes a little goading from the DJ’s to push one over the virtual edge!

I finally got mine. Pip, who was relatively new at that time had just begun to DJ himself, and very patiently took the time to show me the “ropes”. Help came from all over, of course. So many people helped me learn the things that have become over the years, very dear to me and a huge part of my current life! I thank you all and you know who you are!

One day that push came, and I was LIVE! From that day on, twice a week and sometimes more, sometimes not, I get to live out a dream!

After seven years of DJ-ing at BGR, I find that I still love and enjoy the hell out of it! I love to see the enthusiasm of the new DJ’s, the help continues and still flows out of the chat room from those in the know. It’s a beautiful thang!

So come on, open up your “virtual living room”, come on in and hang out with us in chat! There’s a world of metal music, fun and friends waiting there for you! I hope you love it as much as we have over the years! Thanks, vB! Happy 10th Anniversary Braingell Radio! Here’s to many, many more! \m/

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