Doro Has Special Guest In Sound Check

 Doro Pesch returned to the area and proved once again that she is a class act, as well as hard driving, energetic and a thoroughly awesome entertainer, and that was just the sound check. Doro arrived at the Pennant East in Bellmawr just after 5:00 PM and after getting settled, and doing a photo shoot outside where the massive marque is, Doro was informed of a special guest that wanted to say hello.

                  Six year old Madison Williamson who suffers from a heart condition was on her way home from the doctors with her parents when they approached Harvey Kilner, a longtime roadie and drum tech with Doro’s  band.  Madison, it seems sings to all her parents  Warlock records and was a huge fan of Doro. Kilner quickly relayed this to Johnny Dee who, in addition to  drumming for Doro, also functions as the tour manager.  Doro was informed and walked over to meet Madison

 The Williamson’s were invited in, where Madison was given a tour laminate, tee shirt, poster and was invited to stay for the soundcheck. After insuring her proper ear protection, Doro and the band let loose . Madison did not quite know what to make of it, sitting quietly in the back, until Doro needed a little help singing “All We Are” . So Madison was brought onto the stage. After the song she got a rousing round of applause, from the band.

                  It was just after midnight when Doro took the stage. The reaction form the crowd was intense.That, is not always the case. In differnt countries, “security and police are very strict” about audience behavior at shows, Doro said. The crowd is expected to sit in silence as the band plays, providing polite applause after each song. “We were told about such reactions by the promoters before in these countries, we try to get them involved, try to give them a great show”, Doro said during an interview before the show.

 Doro and her band will get a taste of that very shortly as they tour Japan for the first time. “We will do Night of the Warlock, and Celebrate, from the new album and we have some  old school goodies” Doro said  that her band will try to play them  there. “I’ll  try and play them, if the people know  them” During the interview, Pesch spoke with passion in her voice.  “I’m not married, I have no family, this, music, the fans, are my family, Pesch said”.

                During the show, Doro unleashed the passion that was in her voice duing the show. She prowled about the stage and was  relentless. Letting her fans sing portions of songs, giving them the mic constantly through the show. From either end of the stage, the fans were part of the show.

                 Backing Doro were two local musicians, Johnny Dee and Nick Douglas.  The entire band sounded tight. From Dee’s incessant pounding of  the drums to Harry Young’s melodic keyboard and guiatars everything came  together.

 Doro Pesch has been playing professionally for a long time. However, to look at her you would not even think she is old enough to be in the club, let alone headline it. The girl does not look a day over her early 20’s. Her energy level is that of someone in their teens. Doro is in excellent shape,  and can make  running around a huge stage in a European Rock festival look easy, which is something Doro and her band have a lot of experience in, as they are constantly in demand for stadiums and festivals overseas.

                   While some of the band members have different social networking sites, Doro has a Myspace site that contains her Force Majeure album.  It’s a gift to her fans. To hear Doro talk about how illegal downloading has decimated the music industry, “Good records cost money to make, and everyone  benefits when fans buy the record”, Doro said. Downloading it can cause a record company to suffer hard times, “People think it’s such a big industry, but it’s really, really not,  a lot of record companies are no more”, Doro said.

 Doro has a new DVD coming out soon,  spanning her  career. It’s a safe bet that she will come back in the area and knock out all of those that would be lucky enough to attend.

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