Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Gh wor cover.jpgWe are ALL Warriors of Rock! OK not everyone, but we are in our house, and so the arrival of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was up there with seeing Metallica play live.

Where else could they go after the smash hit that was Guitar Hero 5?

Well…not very far as it happens.

It’s out with the new, and back with the old as we’re back in familiar territory with this one.

Essentially, you’re on a quest to become a warrior of rock, with the superpowers to defeat a monstrous beast that is hell bent on destroying rock forever. A fairly lame concept.

You put setlists together to progress, careerlike, through the game. There’s plenty of video intros narrated by Kiss’s Gene Simmons and, the best bit, an enjoyable detour where you get to play through all of Rush’s 2112, complete with comments from the band.

The trouble is, most of the best songs have been used in previous Guitar Hero games, so there’s some obscure stuff here.

It’s starting to feel a little tired and unless they can come up with a really novel gameplay, it’s time to pack up the guitar.

In the end though, none of this really matters, as it’s all about strapping on the guitar, turning up the volume, and rocking out to a load of choice metal tunes.

If that’s your bag, then this is the Ace of Spades.


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