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DEFAULT have had their share of massive highs and crushing lows in their career. The Canadian rockers have enjoyed commercial success on radio and VH1, but their relationship with their former label, TVT Records, didn’t end well. Things started falling apart when the aforementioned label filed for bankruptcy in 2008. Default were ready to unleash the best album of their career, and here they were without a label. As you’ll read below, the band kept working and their business affairs finally got resolved. The band is ready to release Comes and Goes, their fourth studio album, in the States — and the wait was worth it. SMNnews caught up with drummer Danny Craig and asked him to bring us up to date with everything in Default land.

Comes and Goes just hit stores here in the U.S. but it came out in Canada already. What was the hold up about?

This whole ordeal started when our former label TVT records, filed for bankruptcy in the beginning of 2008. We had literally just finished mixing Comes and Goes and we’re left with an album that we were so proud of, but couldn’t release because the masters were of course property of the label. So was our contract for all intents and purposes, so we had no choice but to wait until the courts ruled, the label then went to auction and was bought by another label, The Orchard. They hummed and hawed over what they intended to do with us, in the US in particular.

We finally convinced them to license the record to a Canadian label, and we released under EMI in Fall of ‘09. The Orchard then took the next year to decide they weren’t interested in owning us anymore, and finally let us go for a small percentage of future earnings. Yes, earnings they would have absolutely nothing to do with, in case you we’re asking yourself that question! And that brings us up to date. We were able to sign with Audio Nest/Fontana and are finally putting out our 4th album in the US on Oct 26.

How frustrating was the waiting process?

How frustrating is it to have your career just stop for 3 years while you figure out how to pay your bills and support your family. It fuckin sucked! But I have to go on record and say that we have an incredible group of people that we work with, who kept us working wherever we could. Not to mention our most diehard fans who showed up every time!

Since the album has been out in Canada, did you change the radio strategy based on what songs went over better on tour?

A little bit, we wen’t with “turn it on” for the first single, it was the third in Canada. And we have “supposed to be” coming out next, and it wasn’t even considered for Canada. That’s why we are so proud of this group of songs, everyone really likes different songs. Which is better than everyone liking the same song, what does that say about the rest of your record?

What is your stance on illegal file sharing? Surely, many of your hardcore American fans have already downloaded the album.

What are you gonna do? I don’t do it, but it’s happening. It’s too big a problem to contain now, and that’s why all these new little labels are popping up with huge bands, the new models are taking shape and the majors are finished. As for now, if it gets heard by more people cause it’s available for download, and they then come to see us play, then I am happy! Plus they cant download your shirts!

There are some moments on Comes and Goes that brings to mind ‘80s arena rock. Is that a fair assessment? There are some massive hooks on the record.

We set out to simply compile a list of good, catchy songs. We didn’t think of direction, or influence per say. We focussed only on that, the melodies and hooks. So thank you!

There’s a song called “Little Too Late” that really stands out on the album. Tell us about that track and the inspiration behind it.

“Little Too Late” was the second single for Canada. We actually wrote and re-wrote that chorus 4 or 5 times before we were satisfied with it. It’s fairly relatable, “the one you let get away” so to speak. We were pretty focused on getting that one just right because we thought it had a lots of potential.

How tough was it for the band to get out and tour Canada when you first came out? How friendly was the touring circuit there?

We we’re well received right from the get go, Canada loves their Canadian bands!

Speaking of touring, when can we expect to see Default playing the States again? We hear there might be a Hinder trek coming?

Yes, we have been working on putting a tour together that will run from mid-November to mid-December. Plus we’re hoping to hit some more festivals and radio shows this year too. We’ll be in Portland for Halloween!

What are your 5 favorite hard rock albums of all time?

G ‘n RAppetite For Destruction
AC/DCBack in Black
Tool Aenima
Rage Against The Machine – s/t

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By Christian A.

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