WOODS OF YPRES: Return! Sign to Earache Records

Ontario-based black metallers WOODS OF YPRES have returned and signed to Earache Records. WOODS OF YPRES will release their ‘final’ album out in 2011. WOODS OF YPRES founder/frontman David Gold recently launched a new side-project, THE NORTHERN ONTARIO BLACK METAL PRESERVATION SOCIETY. He has issued the following update:

“Videos Uploaded and ready to watch at CBC Radio 3. As we near Halloween and the start of November and the black metal season, we’d love to see some serious traffic happening at the CBC Radio 3, on the only NOBMPS page on the internet, and have the Radio Feds take notice. Maybe we can get some CBC attention and airplay towards that October 31st, looking like this, sounding like this. Go! Share! Spread the word! Thanks!”

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