Review of DyNAbyte’s 2KX Album by CrazyIvan (Braingell Radio)

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DyNAbyte is a three piece band who hail from Genova, Italy. Their music falls into the Industrial genre. That is why this album is so appealing to me, I have an industral streak in me. They started as a cover band doing Marilyn Manson and Rammstien music. They do have a mechanial feel to them, and have been influenced by Fear Factory (which can be heard in the music).

Most songs start with a strong electronic style to it, then either builds up or just explodes into the hard industrial music. The vocals range from melodic to harsh (Glasgow) style vocals. The topics of the songs are different, and have an interesting feel to them. A strong example of their genre can really be felt with Hereditary Neuronavigation (track 4). This song has a lot of hard grooves and melodic vocals on it, then Cadaveria will switch up and sings with the rage of Angela Glasgow. Another interesting/great track is The Mummy (track 8), the song has all the good hooks and grooves a song should have.

Overall, the album is very well produced and would suggest those that are fans of the mixture genres of hard rock/metal/electronic to get this album. Also, if you find out the band is playing in your area to go check them out. You will be able to hear them from time to time on Braingell Unsigned. They have an interesting concept of sending out the album on USB thumb drives.

DyNAbyte can be contacted/followed at the following interwebz sites:

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