Drummer David Kinkade Available For Work

Session drummer David Kinkade is hunting for work. His appeal is below:

“Best of luck to Arsis with their new/ old drummer…..again. I am heading to Norway in a week for the final stages of the new Borknagar album. Borknagar doesn’t tour very often so my schedule is pretty much open until Wacken open air (early August). I am looking to work with a band in which we can rely on each other. Communication and positive attitudes towards business are extremely important to me. As I have previously mentioned in past press releases, I am always available for drum work. Any location in the world does not matter but dedicated/ established inquires ONLY are appreciated. Contact me at: anti_cosmic_drummer@yahoo.com

“Thanks to all who have shown me support in these past few months. Between the passing of family and my constant traveling, I still have many emails and phone calls that I still have yet to reply. I really appreciate all the friends who have proven their truth. Hail the true.”

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