AM CONSPIRACY: Part Ways with BurnHill Union Records

AM CONSPIRACY, featuring former DROWNING POOL frontman Jason ‘Gong’ Jones, has parted ways with BurnHill Union Records:

We kind of knew this was coming. It makes no sense for a label to sign us, pay Randy Staub to mix ‘Pictures’, pay us to cut the first full-length release for the label, and then not push the album to radio… which was promised from day one! We’re super-disappointed with the way the album was handled, and have no issues with moving on to greener pastures. It’s just sad that we created something that so many people in the industry said was so good, and then it never got the proper attention. The label’s only A&R rep, Shaun Glass, was recently let go, due to the label’s decision that they no longer needed an A&R person, and were not going to sign any more bands. They wouldn’t spend the money needed to push the acts signed to Burnhill and let go of the only person who was interested and looking out for the bands. That said it all for us.

We didn’t want to come back for a second record! We’ve got another batch of great songs, and there’s gotta be a label out there that will do the right thing if we sign with them. Maybe ‘Pictures’ will see the airwaves down the road.

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