THE AUTUMN OFFERING have gone all sourpuss and have quit the heavy metal scene. Frontman Matt McChesney tells fans the following:

“Due to Tommy leaving the band, as well as a million other things, we have decided to take a long break. Possibly just end it, depending on what happens. We haven’t been dropped by our label or anything, we are just burnt out. There is no reason to go on and on with bullshit, we are all friends. All you guys know we love you. Personally, I wish everyone well, in whatever they choose to do. As for myself, I have a new band with Jesse Nunn. We will enter the studio next month with producer Logan Mader to start our new record. It’s not going to be a metal band, as I am personally done with metal for awhile. I’m disgusted with the state of it, and I dont want to be a part of it. I’ve always been a well rounded musician, and the early 90’s movement of bands such as Soundgarden and Alice In Chains have always held a special place in my heart. I’ve always wanted to front a rock band, and I’m exited to start. There’s been quite a bit invested into this project by some powerful people, so the pressure is on.  We plan to deliver. I’m sure whatever Brian and Tom decided to do, it will be rad. They are great musicians. Matt Johnson has become quite the engineer, I’m sure he will leave his mark. Take care everyone, it’s been a blast.”

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