Novembeard Starts TODAY

That’s right curious folks. The epic No Shave Novembeard starts today – November 1. Noting that, SMNnews is bringing Novembeard awareness to the metal community. Be like Zakk Wylde and grow a gnarly beard, Jamey Jasta who surprised us all with his facial hair this year, ‘militant chic’ ZZ Top, the heavy metal monk, famed beard strokers Slayer, the literal Spock’s Beard, or the famous Protest the Hero crew.

So, Novembeard?

  • It all began in Australia in 2003 when some manly lumberjack Aussies, inspired by some females raising awareness for breast cancer, decided they also wanted to do something for their gender…so they kicked off No Shave November.
  • Then came Movember – a charity for those who cannot grow hair on their chin, but can above their top lip.  This fine org raised some dollars and cents for Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong.
  • A ha, then Novembeard was founded. They require you shave on the first of the month, grow your beard, take pictures, send them here daily.

Ship over to Novembeard, post your pics, start donating to facial hair supported charities (Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong), and also learn why beards are better –

We advise you to check out the handy dandy beard reference table below, as Novembeard is mightily important. Given the power of Novembeard to unsuspecting clean shaven mortals, choosing what facial hair journey to embark upon should be as important as taking your morning dump.


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