What Happened to Infernaeon?

When we last heard from Brian Werner front man of INFERNAEON, things were going quite well on the GWAR tour.  Since then, the band has been missing in action from the past few shows on the tour.  What happened?  Well it was quite an interesting and expensive sequence of events.  Brian Werner took a few moments to detail the events that almost lead to INFERNAEON having to drop off of the tour:

“You know everything that a band fears won’t happen to them on the road has happened to us our whole career at some point or another. This time around, well, we rented a van for the tour. The van blew a cam shaft in Atlanta on the way to pick us up 2 days before we had to leave. Well with no vehicle cancelling the tour was a thought but to us it was never an option. So our bass player Kevin traded his new work truck in for a stable RV. On the way to the first show we lost all electrical power, the headlights went off at 3 in the morning on the freeway, needless to say it was real fun shit. So while we were getting it repaired there were a few hundred Christians protesting abortion outside the mechanics. SO I did the only logical thing I could think of, I was wearing my ABORT CHRIST shirt so I made a huge neon green sign that said FUCK THESE PEOPLE!!!! Needless to say they were pissed.  So after a new alternator, transmission, belts and hoses we were good for a couple days until the distributer went out. Fixed again everything was great for the next couple weeks then we get to Dallas and the entire engine seized up leaving us with a nice $9000 bill for a whole new engine. We obviously didn’t have that on us so we ended up finding an awesome used 12 passenger van for $5500 that was a ‘00 with 130k miles on it. We made the show in Dallas by the seat of our ass, thought we were saved and then after a horribly shitty day  we got an invitation to visit with none other than King Diamond himself and his wife Livia at his home in Dallas. To us this was one of the most amazing and deeply spiritual experiences of my life and made all the bullshit from the day go away immediately. We crashed in a hotel that night then got up in the morning with the brand new van THAT ONLY MADE IT 30 FUCKING MILES BEFORE THE ENTIRE ENGINE BLEW UP AGAIN!!!!! Come to find out the bearings were loose and we blew a rod through the oil pan….again we needed a whole new engine. So we were forced to cancel both the Little Rock and NOLA shows because we didn’t know what the fuck we were going to do. We ended up finding a very cool motherfucker in Dallas and rented a van for $100 so we didn’t have to cancel the tour. Cancelling shows is never an option for us……ever!!! I played on stage with a 104 fever before we don’t care. This was unfortunately out of our hands. But we are losing our ass on vehicles we have now spent over $14,000 of our own money just on vehicles for this tour and now we’re forced to cough up even more. None of us are rich, we all work our asses off for a living, but there are times you just need to do shit smarter not harder and hustle some shit to achieve your ultimate goal, we never say die. So we will see you motherfuckers on the west coast real fucking soon.”

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