Mantic Ritual Back On the Road…Check In from Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Thrash-tastic MANTIC RITUAL are back on the road again with DESTRUCTION and KRISIUN, and have decided to check in with a little update:

“Hey, everyone! Adam and Jeff here, updating you once again from the road somewhere in North America (actually, in a Wal Mart parking lot in Wichita, Kansas). We’re sorry it’s been so long since we updated, but sometimes things get busy on the road. In the words of Wayne Campbell, ‘Let me bring you up to speed.’

“Quite a lot has happened since the last update, so we’ll start with the second leg of shows in Canada. The shows were great, and it was nice to see some familiar faces from our January tour with Rotting Christ. Unfortunately, our trailer broke between Winnipeg and Regina, stranding us on the side of the highway for about 6 hours. But when the U-Haul arrived, everyone on the bus banded together as a team to transfer all the gear from the trailer to the U-Haul, and we barely made it to the show in time. The new trailer didn’t arrive until 7 a.m. the next morning, so we had the amazing opportunity to get some exercise by moving all the gear for the fourth time in 24 hours. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our Calgary show on St. Patty’s day had to be cancelled. We’d like to apologize to anyone who came out to the show, but we’ll be back this summer and we hope to see all our Calgarian buddies then!

“Coming back to the States was great, especially returning to our one-time home of Los Angeles to play a few shows in the area. The Key Club was great as always, the Jumping Turtle still has the best calzones in the world, and the fans in Anaheim were absolutely insane and made it a very memorable show for us! Luckily, we managed to survive a harrowing journey through the cliffs and canyons of San Marcos, where our bus was stuck and unable to turn around. After unhooking the trailer and making a big run at it, we narrowly escaped with brilliant shower of sparks. Jeff, asleep at the time, was wondering why the hell he was almost thrown out of his bunk, and why no one else was on the bus at the time. Adam was heard to describe the scene as, ‘Oh man, it was insane. When we got back on it looked like an earthquake had hit the bus!’

“Now we’re on our way back east, wrapping up the tour with one more week to go. Don’t worry about us – we have plenty to keep us occupied on our days off. (Jeff picked up the Wayne’s World box set somewhere in Utah – zang!)”

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