VEX to Release Thanatopsis

Dynamic Death Metal that channels the archaic energy of Extreme Metal! Surging atavistic aggression emanates from an atmospheric and melodic folk-based core. Thanatopsis takes you on aural journeys to vast, desolate landscapes. From the Funeral Doom of “Erosion” to the desperate speed of “Motionless,” VEX use a vast amount of colors and tones to paint each and every facet of the human death-drive. The continual emphasis on speed and aggression recalls THE CHASM and THE CROWN, while dark, melodic passages are in the vein of DISSECTION and PRIMORDIAL.

VEX is:

Orlando Logan Perez – Vocals (Against the Plagues)
Ciaran McCloskey – Guitar (Nosferion)
Mike Day – Guitar (Ruins of Honor, Bilderberg)
Bill Edgar – Bass (R.C.P)
Owen McCloskey – Drums (Batcastle)

Courtesy of ClawHammer PR

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