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ESCAPE THE FATE has just released Issues, their debut release for DGC/Interscope, and their 3rd overall album. The Las Vegas quartet just had an album release party in Hollywood, California at the infamous Crazy Girls strip club, and SMNnews was there for the debauchery. Although the band members are all in their early 20’s, Escape The Fate’s music and live show reveals their love for classic Sunset Strip flavored hard rock. We spoke with bassist/vocalist Max Green and asked him for the skinny on the new album.

You guys had a very successful run on Epitaph Records, but now that you’re with DGC/Interscope, it’s gotta feel like you are on the cusp of something bigger. What’s the feeling within the band right now?

World domination — mines bigger than yours!

Was there any hesitation leaving the indie label world for a giant like Universal Music Group?

Fuck no! We are confident in our music.

Musically speaking, did you approach anything differently this time out? Will the new album throw some of your diehard fans for a loop?

We are Escape The Fate. Our music doesn’t change — we grow and our fans grow with us.

Tell us about the songs you co-wrote with Mick Mars and John 5.

Mick Mars didn’t make it on the album, but hopefully will see it on a future release.  John 5 you will see on the re-release of the record.  It was amazing working with both, but especially John because I am such a huge Manson fan. I have no eyebrows because of him!

How much influence did your producer Don Gilmore have on the material? He’s definitely one of the most talented guys working on the melodic rock side of things.

Don Gilmore isn’t a producer that changes or writes music for the band.  He works his hardest to bring out the best in bands and their music.

One of the things Don does really well is getting top notch performances from the singers he works with. What was that experience like?

He really brought a lot out of Craig and myself.  I did more vocals on this album than I have on any other record.  He is very comfortable to work with.

Tell us about the lyrical side of the new album. Is there a centralized theme that threads all of the songs together?

No. This album lyrically covers all aspects of life, love, hate, war, death, politics, and birth — so I guess you could state life being a centralized theme.

You chose the song “Issues” as your first official single on DGC/Interscope. How tough of a decision was that to make?

It wasn’t, when Monte first showed us the demo, we knew then it was going to be the first single. Way before Interscope and Don Gilmore were even a thought, way back.

That song definitely has an anthemic quality to it. How is it going over when you play it on tour?

Every night the response is bigger and bigger. I think the radio play has a lot to do with that.

At this point in the band’s career, what kinds of tour packages would you like to be playing? It seems like you might be ready to play to the kinds of audiences that might not necessarily even know the band.

We would love to do tours with My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, and Rob Zombie — massive tours! We are confident enough in our sound to play in front of people who don’t know who we are.  A couple songs in, and they will be going ape shit.

2011 will be a busy year for Escape The Fate. How tough is that on your personal lives? Do you worry about that aspect of being in the band?

Well, I will never have a serious relationship again. It’s hard to fit in time for family and friends. It’s hard to be there for people say when they are sick or getting married etc, because it’s hard to plan anything in advance! But it’s a double-edged sword because we are so busy getting our music to our fans, which is what we want, but because we are so busy we miss out on so many of lifes moments.

Pick up Issues today!

By Christian A.

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