Various Artists – Past Present

Anyone that calls themselves a true fan of hardcore already knows the name Revelation Records. The seminal label has been responsible for some of the movement’s most important releases and still continues to put out quality product. Past Present is a new collection of current bands covering classic tracks from the label’s rich catalog. Some of the older groups honored on the 23 song disc include legendary acts such as Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, and Warzone. Sick of it All, Death By Stereo, and Set Your Goals, are among the artists paying homage to their heroes.

We all know how uneven compilation albums usually are, but Past Present delivers in both the performance and production departments. There isn’t a clunker track among all the cuts here. Bold’s version of Supertouch’s “Searchin’ for the Light” is especially potent and serves as a great example of why this collection works so well. It’s the combination of the powerful source material, the reinvigorated performances, and current day production values that makes Past Present so convincing.

With the amount of bands involved here, this kind of project unquestionably needed a lot of work and attention, and Backlash drummer Jon Sinko definitely conquered the challenge. The CD’s gorgeous packaging and extensive liner notes fits the release’s special significance. Ultimately, Past Present comes off like a love letter to Revelation Records and the groundbreaking artists that have called the label home over the years. Whether you’re an old-school hardcore head, or are just discovering the scene, this disc belongs in your collection.

Rating: 8.5
Label: Revelation Records

By Carlos Ramirez

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