Hour of the Wolf – Decompositions Vol. 1

HOUR OF THE WOLF is an Arizona based band that specialize in the kind of melodic punk that fans of The Misfits and Agent Orange will go absolutely apeshit for. Decompositions Vol. 1, the group’s new album, is devoid of complicated arrangements and guitar histrionics, and long on big choruses and raw energy.  Vocalist Lance (no last name given) performs each song with the kind of snotty vocal delivery that fits HOTW’s stripped-down material like a glove. His voice has a great balance of grit and melody, and brings to mind vintage Glenn Danzig.

The album has a rip-n-roll feel to it, and sounds like it was recorded in just the matter of a couple of days. The urgency does the record well. Tracks like “Death’s Coming” and “Burn It” are the ideal soundtrack to a skateboard session, and it’s not tough to imagine that the album had actually come out in 1986. It’s the spirit in the playing and songwriting that made us feel that way. Besides the fantastic new material the band wrote for the album, Decompositions Vol. 1 also includes barnstorming covers of Black Flag, Kid Dynamite, The Stooges and The Nerve Agents. Another tip of the hat has to go to HOTW for keeping the record under 30 minutes. There should be a law that every punk album released should never go over the half hour mark. The folks at Think Fast! have the album available on vinyl which also comes with a download link, so don’t sleep!

Rating: 7
Label: Think Fast!
Website: www.thinkfastrecords.com/hourofthewolf

By Carlos Ramirez

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