Hard Rock Nights Battles Hard Rock Cafe International In Trademark Dispute

Brian Basher, the owner of the domain www.hardrocknights.com and host of the Hard Rock Nights Radio show, was served a cease & desist letter from Hard Rock Cafe International claiming copyright & trademark infringement.

Hard Rock Cafe International has threatened a lawsuit against Basher if he does not immediately take down all content and cease operating www.hardrocknights.com and immediately transfer to Hard Rock Cafe International any and all rights to the domain name hardrocknights.com

Although he makes no money or profits from www.hardrocknights.com or the Hard Rock Nights Radio show Basher has decided to fight this frivolous legal action from Hard Rock Cafe International.

From Brian Basher: “Hard Rock Nights and hardrocknights.com are in no way shape or form associated with Hard Rock Cafe International. I’m a disabled veteran who makes no money whatsoever from the website or radio show and it isn’t about that. Hard Rock Nights is about celebrating the genre of Hard Rock and the bands that make the greatest music in the world and sharing that music with fans old and new around the world. I find it very hard to believe a term or genre of music can be trademarked.”

More information, and the Cease & Desist letter is available at the following link: hardrocknights.wordpress.com/2010/11/10/hard-rock-cafe-international-claims-copyright-infringement-aga inst-hard-rock-nights/

Hard Rock Nights is an Syndicated Radio Program that was started in 2008, and is broadcast Internationally. The show information and schedule is available at hardrocknights.wordpress.com.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and hardrocknights.wordpress.com

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