Agoraphobic Nosebleed Whines About ‘Scion Metal’

It’s James Randall of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED spewing off about Scion Metal and “poor marketing”. Seems like he’s missing the point about what could very well be construed as an ongoing branding initiative from a company looking to reach a younger target demographic. Ever stopped to think Scion could be helping support bands in an industry widely known for a lack of money and support? Such castigation seems grossly unwarranted.

You know “big metal” is fucked when it starts accepting petty bail outs from the auto industry via Scion.

There are two possible scenarios I’m entertaining here on how this came to pass- 1: some slacker nephew of some executive at Scion needed something to do exiting rehab w/ his unused marketing degree or 2: Scion is somehow hip to the fact there are a lot of aging metal dudes pushing 40 that are possibly in the market to buy their first new/real car.

In scenario 1. we have nephew dickin’ around w/ company money making a creative tax shelter for Uncle Scion.

In scenario 2. we have one of the most retarded marketing schemes ever to get smoked up in the history of advertising.

So the other day I was on the phone w/ my buddy Wood of MITB/Bastard Noise and no sooner does he make comment about INTEGRITY having a lack of… w/ their recent Scion showcase at the ROXY, I just happen to stumbled upon Murder Constructs new EP on Relapse coming packed w/ a “SCION presents” free MAGURDERGRIND record! I was like dude what the fuck is going on here? MAGURDERGRIND! Heres a band that was to “punk” to give Relapse a record but is down to float a fuckin’ “SCION” logo on the front of their album cover? WTF?

Now I ain’t some crust monk who’s taken some gutter punk vow of poverty, running around hating on mother fuckers trying to make a little coin off their shit -but I doubt there is much money changing hands here at all. Scion hit me up awhile ago asking if I was into doing a video for some band, me being a bit of a dirty car salesman myself hit ‘em back to find out what they where looking to spend and that pretty much ended that. As costs in the advertising/marketing world go compared to sponsoring a pro athlete or getting a actor to endorse your product “extreme metal” is a fuckin’ prostitute, jerk you off, blow you in your Scion xBS for a couple bucks. But hey Scion you get what you pay for -no ding dong is running out to buy one of your hipster crap wagons because you did some metal/hardcore showcase, your just publicly outing some poor band as your whore.

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