The Gates of Slumber Sign to Rise Above Records

Indianapolis, IN doom metal masters THE GATES OF SLUMBER have signed to England’s Rise Above Records for the release of their highly anticipated new album and follow up to 2008’s celebrated Conqueror. The as-yet-untitled record is slated for a fall, 2009 release.

On the topic of the signing, THE GATES OF SLUMBER guitarist / front man Karl Simon commented:

“We’re extremely pleased to be signing with Rise Above.  The label understands what it is we want to do and shares the vision we have regarding the future of The Gates of Slumber and what it can become.  Much praise was heaped on Conqueror; however in reality I can say that it was just a beginning.  We’ve been working steady for about a year now on the material that will make up our forthcoming record and once it’s recorded, expect us to be that “plague upon the land” we’d hoped to become so long ago as we intend to make the most serious run at touring we’ve ever made in order to support this new album.  Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, lock up your back door and run for your lives!  Be seeing you soon.”

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