Mobile Deathcamp – Black Swamp Rising

Ohio three-piece MOBILE DEATHCAMP can play some pummeling no holds barred speed metal.

The quality of the songs on their full-length debut, Black Swamp Rising, are straight ahead old school metal assaults with cross over appeal. What they do is nothing new or even technically difficult, but the sheer force of their songs is commendable.

Originally released in 2008, only 1,000 copies of Black Swamp Rising were released through the band, but now that Sacrifice Records took over their distribution, the band is hoping they will be able to ship some units.

Guitarist/vocalist Todd Evans was GWAR’s bassist Beefcake the Mighty, (the third one). He proudly served five years in the GWAR monster army, but he quit the band because of his desire to play guitar again with his own band.

“One Brain” is an instrumental that starts off the CD. It’s a mid-paced pounding with some driving riffs and frantic lead work by Evans. “Feed The Machine” is a quick punk-tinged blaster with a crushing chorus. “Offensive Release” is another instrumental with guests Devin Townsend, Shane Clark of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD and Evans trading guitar solos. “The Buffalo Song” is an authentic piece of music based on a real pow wow which pays homage to the Native American Indian. It’s a welcomed endeavor for a metal band’s diversity to include a song of this nature to its repertoire.

This is a pretty decent release with good production. As one of the opening slots on GWAR’s current Bloody Tour of Horror, they have a great chance to influence the fans to get on board with their brand of straight ahead speed metal.

By Kelley Simms

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