Stemm Tour Throughout April and May In Support of “Blood Scent”

The Band Who Penned The Official UFC Theme Song Will Take Their Aggressive / Melodic Metal Show On The Road

“This new STEMM CD is our Vulgar Display of Power” states lead vocalist / guitarist Joe Cafarella.

Comparing their latest release, Blood Scent (Catch 22 Records) to the epic release by the Metal Gods Pantera is admittedly making a bold statement, but Cafarella will not budge in his reasoning. The Buffalo-based band delivers crushing guitar riffs, a rock solid rhythm section and a vocal technique comparable to that of James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo and Corey Taylor.

STEMM found an ally in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) who took a liking to the band in the beginning stages of their musical career branding them as “The soundtrack to the UFC”. UFC still uses the song for all Pay-Per-View events as well as many other STEMM songs from the bands musical library which is also heard as background music for UFC / SPIKE TV programs “Ultimate Fighter” and “Unleashed”. Now, “House of Cards” from the new STEMM release Blood Scent has been selected as the theme song for ‘UFC Wired’ hosted by Joe Rogan (Fear Factor / UFC commentator) on the Fox Network for the 2008 / 2009 season.

“We’re honored to be recognized in the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) community and be able to cross over aggressive music with aggressive sport.”

Indeed, the UFC has given STEMM the same type of exposure and publicity as a label would bring for any other band, placing their music on various UFC related video games available on X-Box and Play Station. It also placed STEMM on the same stages as legendary rappers, RUN-DMC, hard rockers, GODSMACK and metal icons SLIPKNOT.

A 2005 indie full length release, Songs for the Incurable Heart brought a licensing deal through I Scream Records which sold over 6000 copies, putting STEMM on tour in support in support for, Chimaira, Mushroomhead, Trivium, Arch Enemy and Bleed The Sky.

Now, armed with their own national distribution deal which enabled the band to start their own label (CATCH 22 RECORDS) the release of Blood Scent will be unleashed to the world on their own terms.

“We’re either too smart or too old,” laughs Cafarella, when asked why the band never pursued a home with a major label. “We don’t think there is anyone out there who will work harder for this band besides ourselves and our fans. Some bands break because they never get the ‘big deal’. We, on the other hand, simply over stepped that boundary…..”

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