Wormrot – Arif Rot (vocals)

Oh yeah, baby.  Gotta love your grindcore.  If you’re a fan of old Napalm Death, Insect Warfare, Cripple Bastards, you’re going to love Singapore’s WORMROTSMNnews’ very own Alex Gilbert got to check in with vocalist Arif Rot.  Their latest release, Abuse, is absolutely crazy, and is out now via our friends at Earache Records.  This is the way grind is supposed to sound, so make sure you check these guys out!

Alex Gilbert (SMNnews): You guys have had some good time in the US on tour this year. It’s great you guys have made it out here, any funny stories from the road?

Arif Rot (WORMROT – vocals): When you’re on the road with the same people for long periods in a foreign country, there’s bound to have at least one story.  But it’s all a blur and I can’t seem to remember any right now.

Alex: Where are some of your favorite places you’ve toured so far?

Arif: In US alone, Blast-o-mat in Denver was really memorable, and so was Churchill’s in Miami. That’s when we met the Maruta guys. Funny guys!

Alex: Seriously, I haven¡¯t heard this raw of grind in a while, and I’d definitely say that WORMROT is one of those bands that helps me restore faith within the grind genre! Your latest Earache Records release, Abuse, is absolutely chaotic! Cheers man, you must be stoked by the response so far?

Arif: Definitely, I cannot express how happy we are with the response from all over the world. to think that we started off just 3 years ago, everything’s happening so fast. but we guarantee that we’re not just a hype, or the in-thing, we’re not gonna sit around and shake our legs on this. there’s much more work to be done with Wormrot.

Alex: Are you thinking of unleashing any music videos in support of Abuse?

Arif: Actually we did release a video for Born Stupid. its pre-Earache signing, totally diy, not label funded. uploaded straight on Youtube, recorded and edited by Hafiz of Shakti (Singapore).

Alex: Are you a fan of Napalm Death’s classic album, Scum? Sounds like some influence may have been taken from there?

Arif: Definitely. plus many others. We’re not shy on showing our influences in our songs.

Alex: So when we come visit Singapore, where are some good places you recommend to catch a show, grab a bite to eat, party it up, etc.?

Arif: there’s no shows in Singapore except in punk spaces (which we currently have none), studio gigs and art spaces. It’s not like in US or EU where any band can play in pubs or bars. pubs and bars here allow and support bands that plays only mainstream top-40s or acoustic sets. I don’t think grindcore is very much welcomed haha. its sad; we have a pool of good bands here, underground and over, but no places to play and people to play to.

Alex: Here’s a fun and tricky question. If you were to create a dream tour, who’d be on it? Feel free to go all out if you wish.

Arif: I’m just thinking right of the bat. Cripple Bastards, Rotten Sound, Insect Wafare.

Alex: Another fun question. What are some of your guiltiest pleasures that one wouldn’t expect to see on your ipod?

Arif: Let’s see; Colbie Caillat, Lily Allen, Zee Avi, Demi Lavatto, Leighton Meester… i have all the Glee albums.

Alex: You guys have been receiving quite a bit of hype as of late, have a great family with Earache Records right there beside you, and have been turning heads with your chaotic live show! How does the future look for WORMROT?

Arif: Missing our girlfriends’ birthdays, getting kicked out from home, getting fired from work, not updated on your friends’ lives, debts months overdued, 16 dollars in the bank account… yeap, looks bright enough.  Thanks for the interview dude! hope to see you soon and we’ll have a beer or something.

Label: Earache Records
Website: http://www.myspace.com/wormrotgrind

By Alex Gilbert

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