DEAD NEON: The Plague Rages On

DEAD NEON is the primitive nuclear doom metal project of Las Vegas poet Jarret Keene. Inspired by a morbid tour of the Nevada Test Site with only GOATLORD’s Distorted Birth and LEONARD COHEN’s The Future loaded on a half broken iPod, the music of DEAD NEON conjures a dreadful world ravaged by atomic conflict where survivors inevitably succumb to radiation, starvation, each other. A writer by trade, Keene taught himself guitar in the months following his test site visit, shaping crude yet corrosive riffs designed to evoke the din of warheads and dirty suitcase bombs slamming into the Strip at twilight.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome set to music and voiced by Cronos – Metal Psalter

Dark and full of trepidation – Heavy Metal Tribune

Courtesy of ClawhammerPR

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