PANTERA: “Cowboys From Hell (20th Anniversary Edition)” Ultimate Edition Stream

We have an amazing PANTERA ‘Ultimate Box Set’ stream of Cowboys From Hell (20th Anniversary Edition)

for you to listen to. Enjoy.

Cowboys From Hell (20th Anniversary Edition)

  1. Listening Party (for posting):
  2. Cowboys From Hell (Disc 1)
  3. Psycho Holiday (Disc 1)
  4. The Art Of Shredding (Disc 1)
  5. Cemetery Gates (Live) [Disc 2]
  6. Primal Concrete Sledge (Live) [Disc 2]
  7. Heresy (Live) [Disc 2]
  8. Shattered  (Demo) [Disc 3]
  9. Message In Blood (Demo) [Disc 3]
  10. Domination (Demo) [Disc 3]

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