Fair Warning – Talking Ain’t Enough – Fair Warning Live in Tokyo

German melodic hard rockers FAIR WARNING may be new to some, but their brand of SCORPIONS and ’80s style rock/metal with sing along JOURNEY-esque choruses is huge in Japan, where this triple live CD and double DVD set, Talking Ain’t Enough – Fair Warning Live in Tokyo, was recorded. Disc 1 and 2 of the CD were recorded in Tokyo in 2010, and Disc 3 was recorded at Loudpark in 2009.

The band has been around since 1991, releasing six albums. They disbanded in 2000 and many of the band members pursued different projects. With their reunion, more than five years after their last album, Four, they introduced their fifth album, Brother’s Keeper, in 2006. Then three years later, the band completed Aura.

Talking Ain’t Enough – Fair Warning Live in Tokyo makes this the third live recorded album in Japan for FAIR WARNING. 1993’s Live in Japan and 2006’s The Call of the East being the other two. Like I said, they’re huge in Japan.

Led by the charismatic vocalist Tommy Heart, the band revel in the crowd’s enthusiasm and response. Heart’s crooning, angelic voice is the perfect outlet for a band like FAIR WARNING. The CD has a vibrant and robust production, and the band is at its best in front of the Japanese crowd. All the tracks on this live CD span FAIR WARNING’s almost two decade career. The highlight of this disc is the wizardry of guitarist Helge Engelke. He gives FAIR WARNING that hard edge to their melodic rock/AOR flavor.

Their instrumental rendition of LED ZEPPELIN’s “Kashmir/Sakura” draws a big response from the Japanese crowd. The dazzling guitar work of Engelke is pretty stellar. While not sticking exactly to Page’s original licks, he gives it a slant of his own, FAIR WARNING style. “I Fight” is very reminiscent of their German brethren SCORPIONSSavage Amusement era. Especially the vocals of Heart, which will remind you of Klaus Meine.

Hits like “Generation Jedi,” “Out On the Run” and “Save Me” all are represented in the spirited set list of FAIR WARNING that was captured in the concerts in Japan for this recording. If you’re a fan of the melodic rock/AOR genre and haven’t discovered FAIR WARNING yet, then this live disc set would be a good start.

By Kelley Simms

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