INGRAVED Releases New Album “Onryou”

Onryo or Onryou is a mythological spirit from Japanese folklore who is able to return to the physical world in order to seek vengeance. Powerless in the physical world, in death they become strong.

Onryou is a metaphor for the band’s rise and rebirth after years of struggle into the underground metal scene and through personal troubles.

Tony Gianfreda – Vocals Donatello Chirico – Drums Gian Spalluto – Guitar Martin Sarcinella -Guitar Sandro Nannavecchia – Bass

Ingraved’s mission is to mix modern extreme metal and hardcore elements into engaging atmospheres and to bring an attitude based on commitment, friendship and respect onto the stage.

While the world of contemporary metal music is saturated with bands focused on brutality or futile ostentation, Ingraved’s main goals are in writing high grade songs and playing vibrant live shows. Not on the parts that make the total, but on the total itself.

This is why, after learning how to hit hard, sound tough and level small towns efficiently, the guys are now moving towards new territories: exploring melodies and new solutions, without losing any of its impact force.

Spanning its career Ingraved has earned respect and shared the stage with well known international acts such as Brutal Truth (USA), Soulfly (Brazil), Brujeria (Mexico), Carpathian Forest (Norway), Hate Eternal (USA), Misery Index (USA), See You Next Tuesday (USA), The Crown (Sweden) and many more.

Now, the band is totally focused on the release of their new album, Onryou.., born at the legendary “16th Cellar Studios” in Rome. A work built from “blood, sweat and tears” and based on rise and revenge, as seen throughout Japanese culture.

1. Bad Karma (02:48)
2.Onryou.. (05:07)
3. Kawaii (03:49)
4. The Burden (03:01)
5. Cold Black Fingers (03:11)
6. Tsuna-Me (03:02)
7. Redemption (03:02)
8. Showtime for My Apocalypse (02:40)
9. The Cure (04:12)

Courtesy of Antonio Gianfreda of Ingraved

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