Ozzy Osbourne and Queensrÿche Exclusive Interviews Posted!

Feeling fat? Why not chew the fat over two of SMN’s latest interviews with OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Gus G. and QUEENSRYCHE vocalist Geoff Tate. They’re mighty tasty.

You’ve been in many other bands such as Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil. You keep stepping up to the plate and are now definitely being rewarded for your talent with the high-profile Ozzy gig. Did you feel that this was your next step in your musical career?

You certainly cannot expect gigs like that to come along. Before, I was just happy doing what I was doing in Firewind because the band was progressing slowly but surely. And the album was bigger for us, and we achieved a lot of things in the last four or five years. I certainly did not see a gig like Ozzy Osbourne coming. Who would have ever thought? It’s the best ride one can have, really.

A new Queensrÿche album is being recorded, with a 2011 spring release date. There have been hints that it will be another concept album. Tate talks about the new album but doesn’t give too much away about the new material.

“I don’t really know at the moment, but it’s kind of leaning toward it (concept album). It definitely has a theme going on through it. It’s a very cool record. It’s a different kind of approach to the music than we’ve done before. There’s a lot of emphasis on the rhythm section of the band. Scott (Rockenfield) wrote a lot of material on this record, so it definitely has their influence on it, which is cool because it inspired us to do different things with our instruments than normally we would do. And that’s always fun when you’re pushed outside the box and do things that you haven’t done before.”

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