Suicidal Tendencies with “Special Guests” (hed) P.E. – 11/10/10

If I could summarize this lineup or this show, I’d just say it was weird.  It was a night of genres mashed together sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  From punk mixed with rock (TNT) to nu-metal gone rap rock, pissed on and turned hip hop and then classified as punk rock when it was only crap ((hed) P.E.) to the inventors of the punk/thrash mash up, it was an interesting night.

Jahred - (hed) P.E.

The night opened up with TNT, who were pretty much a take it or leave it band of rock/punk music.  They weren’t objectionable to see or anything but they left me staring at my watch hoping they’d get done soon in time for Suicidal Tendencies to get on stage and me hopefully to get a full night of sleep.  After thirty minutes and another fifteen of waiting, it was time for (hed) P.E.  Honestly, it became 45 minutes of my life that I now want back.  While there were some funny parts to their set (whether it was intended or not, I’m not sure), I was quite disappointed with their set and wondering what the hell I just witnessed.  They were toted as “Special Guests” on all of the flyers and advertisements as if they were co-headlining, when all they did was bring out a bunch of juggalos/overweight menaces to society.  I will admit that once upon a time in the nu-metal era, I was a fan of the band in a guilty pleasure kind of way and had the majority of their stuff.  I’ve even seen them a few times over the past few years and they always put on an amusing and energetic show as well.  Opening for Suicidal Tendencies just seemed more like blasphemy and an obvious marketing ploy (but a successful one) from the ST camp.  I figured I’d hear at least one song from that era of their stuff as well and was left scratching my head at the only song I even recognized being a cover of Sublime’s ‘Garden Grove’.

Mike Muir - Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies put on a pretty good and solid show.  They were a band that I was stoked to finally be able to say I’ve seen but for some reason I expected a little more.  I’d be lying if I said I knew what it was missing, since the charisma and energy was there as Mike Muir ran around like a maniac until he was dripping with sweat.  The night opened with ‘You Can’t Bring Me Down’ which was pretty much full blown chaos from the crowd, but as the night went on, it just seemed to taper off from there.  The assault and hair pulling I was taking from behind turned into a crowd sway and then a gentle push until I was left center stage, untouched and able to shoot photos.  The set seemed a little bit short as well, but at least fans of their old music had no reason to complain since the majority of their stuff was from the first three albums.  By the time the band played their finale of ‘Possessed to Skate’ the crowd was flat.  It was only then that became the most memorable part of the show.  Mike helped three girls from the center of the crowd get on stage and then it became a giant contest to see how many people from the crowd could get on stage during the song.  By the time the song was over and it was time to go home there were as many people on stage as there were left in the crowd.  It was probably cooler than an encore that night because the crowd would have probably been asleep by then.   I was happy to say I’ve seen them and I’m not sure if the (hed) P.E. thing took a little bit out of their night for me or not, but I’ll give them another chance for sure.

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