Leftist Groups Band Together to Appeal to President Obama

SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman Serj Tankian, along with the help of Tom Morello and the Axis of Justice, is launching a campaign for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide to commemorate the annual global day of remembrance for victims of the human rights atrocity on April 24. Tankian has posted a video on YouTube in which he and other activists urge President Obama to affirm his pledge and officially recognize the Armenian Genocide, which took place in 1915, just after the start of World War I.


“Last year, Barack Obama noted that many of the same brutal tactics employed today in Darfur are the same as those used by the Ottoman authorities against defenseless Armenians back in 1915,” Tankian says. “As we approach the global day of remembrance on April 24th, we look to both the President and Congress to stand up for what’s right; to speak against the Armenian Genocide and all genocides at the level of American values, and to never again allow the United States to be dragged down to the level of Turkey’s threats. President Obama is the best-positioned American president in generations to help bring about real change to how America and the international community confront mass inhumanity, and our best hope to bring the peoples of the world together to end the cycle of genocide.”

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