Do You Remember…Roadrunner United?

In recent weeks, we’ve turned back the pages and had a look at a few bands who stunk it up pretty bad. The Apex Theory and Saliva were two. Now we want to ask you, do you remember the Roadrunner United series? It was actually a pretty cool gathering of musicians

Roadrunner United was a project organized by the alternative metal record label Roadrunner Records to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It culminated in an album released worldwide on October 11, 2005, entitled The All-Star Sessions. Four “team captains” were chosen to lead 57 artists from 45 past and present Roadrunner bands, and produce and oversee the album’s 18 tracks: Joey Jordison of Slipknot and Murderdolls; Matt Heafy of Trivium; Dino Cazares of Fear Factory, Asesino and Divine Heresy and formerly of Brujeria; and Robert Flynn of Machine Head and formerly of Vio-lence and Forbidden. The unprecedented project was the brainchild of Roadrunner UK General Manager Mark Palmer and Roadrunner USA VP of A&R Monte Conner. The album project was coordinated by Lora Richardson and was mixed by Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap. The All-Star Sessions spawned one single and music video (“The End”). The DVD included with the CD purchase is a documentary of the “Making Of” the songs. It features the sessions of the four team captains making their songs.

You can still grab “The DaggerMP3 which features:

  • Robert Flynn ( Machine Head )- rhythm guitar/vocals
  • Andols Herrick (ex- Chimaira ) — drums
  • Howard Jones ( Killwitch Engage )- vocals
  • Jeff Waters ( Annihilator ) — lead guitar
  • Jordan Whelan ( Still Remains ) — rhythm guitar
  • Christian Olde Wolbers ( Fear Factory ) — bass

Roadrunner United — The End

Check the song “Enemy of the State“, featuring Type O Negative frontmanPeter Steele, confirmed dead at 48 earlier this year.

Plus there’s the jam featuring King Diamond from Roadrunner United titled “Into the Fire“:

…so tell us, what do you think? Decent set of tunes? Rubbish waste of time? Comment below!

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