DREAM THEATER’s JORDAN RUDESS Announces ‘Musical Mind Meld’ Supergroup Event

DREAM THEATER‘s keyboardist Jordan Rudess and drum great Marco Minnemann appear on the BandCrashers.com platform in a two-hour live online streaming performance on December 15, 2010, from Chicago’s premier Plant 10 Studios, at 8 p.m. CST (9 p.m. EST and 6 p.m. PST). The “Musical Mind Meld” features special guest guitarist extraordinaire Daniel Jakubovic who will join Rudess/Minnemann in what is anticipated to be a no-holds-barred improvisational musical excursion through the minds of two of the greatest musicians in the world.

The “Musical Mind Meld” will feature BandCrashers.com‘s patent-pending multi-camera-angle-adaptive high-def video streaming technology, combined with the real-time-camera-switching user interface, that puts the fan directly in the performance, thereby providing the most innovative, unique and unparalleled live performance experience.

Keyboard magazine voted Rudess 1994’s “Best New Talent” and in a career that spans almost three decades, he appears on over 40 other recordings by numerous artists, including David Bowie and the DIXIE DREGS. Since 1999, Jordan Rudess has been an integral member of and creative driving force behind DREAM THEATER, one of the most critically acclaimed progressive hard rock bands in the world with over 10 million units sold. Jordan appears on six DREAM THEATER studio CDs and three DREAM THEATER live CDs and DVDs, and his own eight solo albums, including a complete CD of Christmas music. Jordan will be performing on a vast arsenal of keyboards as well as his Billboard award-winning music creation iPad app, MorphWiz.

Minnemann is revered as one of the most gifted, innovative, and dynamic drummers in the world. His total command of four-way independence is unequaled, and his over-the-top drumming creations are simply mind-boggling. Minnemann‘s unusual drum kit, which includes an array of multiple foot pedals, gong drum, electronics and unique cymbal configurations, combined with his amazingly extreme interdependence skills, has propelled him to superstar status. He is the winner of numerous awards for his educational drum books and videos and was recently featured on the cover of the prestigious Modern Drummer magazine.

Renowned guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer Daniel Jakubovic, will join Rudess/Minneman. Daniel is the singer, lead guitarist, and principal songwriter for the band AGAINST THE WALL. Daniel first made a name for himself when Jordan Rudess recruited him to play guitar on his solo album, “Rhythm of Time”, with Joe Satriani, Vinnie Moore, and Steve Morse.

Fans can watch the performance at either of the following web sites for only $4.99.

* jordanrudess.bandcrashers.com
* marcominnemann.bandcrashers.com

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