Abominant’s “Where Demons Dwell” Slays Critics

Have you experienced the old school goatraping death thrash and furious blackened savagery of ABOMINANT’s Where Demons Dwell yet? Well get on the damn wagon already! Scroll down to read what’s already been said about this monster.

The 9th album from the Kentucky murder squad is its most dynamically composed to date and comes with a production by the band and Scott Briggs (Velocity Studios) that is absolutely molten.  Where Demons Dwell was released by Deathgasm Records on October 29th.

Where Demons Dwell Track Listing:

Baptized by Steel
Rain of Ash
After the Fallout
The Wolves of Hate
Blackened Earth
Where Demons Dwell

“Abominant is not just speed alone, because the rampaging drums are covered with a thick layer of strong riffs, heavily leaning on a mixture of thrash, a hint of black and a good dose of oldschool death metal. All-in-all, the songs still breathe pure American death metal .The unrelenting and threatening atmosphere of the album and the occasional flash of doom make sure the emphasis on speed in both drums and riffing does not get boring at all.” – Lords of Metal

“Where Demons Dwell’ is a marked improvement to earlier releases and an unholy racket bringing together horrific influences and a need for your ears to bleed.” – Metal Team UK

“The whole thing is really genuine and sincere…and I want more. If someone is an admirer of the American version of death metal I encourage you to listen.” – Chaos Vault Webzine

“Fans of Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, Sinister and even old Pestilence will like this band.” – Power of Metal [80/100]

It’s reassuring to find something in Kentucky with more killing capacity than Colonel Sanders!” – Battle Helm

“They have mixed the Thrash guitars with that raw black element to a way that is as pissed off as it is melodic and powerful in sound. Deathgasm has a real winner here.” – Absolute Zero Media

This is still the metal of death but these bastards have heard their fair share of both thrash and black, and it shows. Insane speed, throaty vocals spewing forth messages of hatred, massive guitar riffs – if death metal blasphemy is what you’re craving for Abominant has it in abundance.” – DeadVoidDream

“With this album Abominant continues their reign of death metal. A perfect mix of death metal and black metal on here, as well as the usual thrash elements. This album shall catapult them into legendary status now.” – MetalManiacs.com

“This release is one of Abominant’s best. …a staple in the U.S. underground. Eight blistering tunes.” – Extreminal [10/10]

“Abominant is Death metal and Death metal is Abominant. You won’t ever be able to forget it either after this experience.”
– Infernal Rock Radio Blogspot.com

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