DEMIANS New Record Entitled “Mute” Out Now

“France’s DEMIANS takes the harder edge of THRICE, the creativity of DREDG and the epic nature of RADIOHEAD, and wraps it up in nine new groundbreaking tracks on their sophomore release, MUTE.”

The multi instrumentalist and French music mastermind Nicolas Chapel recently released
his new DEMIANS album named “Mute”, which is currently available in North America on Inside Out Music.
With the album Nicolas of DEMIANS takes it all to a new level. If the debut album was the calming friend, who reasoned with you and told you everything is going to be alright, the successor “Mute” is the best friend who kicks you in the butt and drives you forward when your world is tumbling down on you.

“I wanted the record to reflect my strengths as well as my weaknesses, so it doesn’t sound as pleasing and nice as the first record did” he explains.

“Mute”contains nine songs that range from raw alternative to orchestral parts and poetic sounds, but the focus is always on the song. The influences are diverse, reaching from Tori Amos and Radiohead to Ambient music.

The album was composed and recorded in Normandy in a house near the sea – again a solo effort with real instruments such as cello, double bass, violin, drums, mellotron, piano, guitar – completely without samples. Why alone? “In a band you always compound with the egos of the others. If you write a book you don’t leave the choice of the verbs to one author and the choice of the adjectives to another one.” says Nicolas Chapel.

DEMIANS – Mute (55:50)
1. Swing Of The Airwaves (07:27)
2. Feel Alive (04:33)
3. Porcelain (05:33)
4. Black Over Gold (06:10)
5. Overhead (06:33)
6. Tidal (03:47)
7. Rainbow Ruse (05:31)
8. Hesitation Waltz (06:46)
9. Falling From The Sun (04:10)

all instruments, vocals: Nicolas Chapel

Building An Empire (2008)
Mute (2010)

DEMIANS – online

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