Thank God For Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler Idol Judge

Hey Kidz. As we all know “American Idol” has become one of the most wildly popular fodder for the American Television audience. The dream of becoming a superstar and national hero fuels the contestants, as well as the average Joe. The concept of the show was brilliant. It has turned out some talent otherwise would have never been discovered.

On a personal note, I quit watching after Chris Daughtry was robbed. He got his due though, after blowing away that year’s winners record sales. The winner that year will never cross my lips. Whatta joke!

There are two sides to Steven Tyler’s decision to join the panel. Some metal purists call him a “sell-out” for joining up. I am very happy he will be there. It just shows the power of hard rock/heavy metal, and it’s influence on the media. You can bet your sweet ass Steven will be up front and honest when he makes a decision on contestants. I also hope to see more artists in the hard rock category try out, just because Mr. Toxic is on the panel. I will watch after years of boycott, just because the first time I heard “Sweet Emotion”. Remember to vote for our brothers and sisters in metal when you can. Get rid of these lame cookie-cutter, pop/country contestants when you can. I know I will. And always remember…Stay Hard 24 – 7!!!!

Peace – N – Chikkin Grease,

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