Seven Thorns – Return to the Past

Seven Thorns is power metal in purest style, catchy melodies, fast guitars and blasting drums are the key components on Return to the Past. Seven Thorns is aiming for the stars, with the awesome lead guitarist of At Vance, a giant within the power metal genre. Olaf Lenk, features on one of the certain hits, “Liberty”, with a frightening fast guitar solo. Many of the keyboard parts were played by the very skilled Mikkel Henderson (Fate, Evil Masquerade). And the icing on top is Mastering by the legendary, Danish power metal producer, Tommy Hansen.

Reading the deeply inspiring lyrics on the album will reveal a distinct theme throughout the songs, regardless of whether about shattering a mirror, leaving the planet or just plainly fighting for a greater cause – look within yourself, find your inner strength and fight for what you believe in – don’t let other people tell you how to life your live! The lyrics are written based on personal experience which clearly shines through and makes the songs so credible. Due to its mixture of both songs in major and minor keys, fast and slow songs, darker themes and more encouraging ones.

This album will definitely fall into the taste of any metal or rock lover. You will scream along on the epic choruses and blistering guitar solos!

Lars “Laske” Borup – Drums, backing vocals (ex-Illnath)
Gabriel Tuxen – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Christian B. Strojer – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Nicolaj Marker – Bass, backing vocals
Mik Holm – Backing vocals, composer
Asger W. Nielsen – keyboard, backing vocals
Erik “EZ” Blomkvist – vocals (studio and live)
Mikkel Henderson – Keyboards (guest musician, Fate, Evil Masquerade)
Olaf Lenk – guest musician/ guitar solo on the song “Liberty” from “Return to the Past” (At Vance)

1. Liberty (4:47)
2. End of the Road (4:40)
3. Through the Mirror (4:26)
4. Freedom Call (4:18)
5. Countdown (5:02)
6. Forest Majesty (4:08)
7. Spread Your Wings (5:23)
8. Fires and Storms (5:31)
9. Return to the Past (5:59)

“It kicks ass!!” ~ Tommy Hansen

“The best album ever – from the leading Danish supplier of catchy power metal…” ~ Steen (Power of Metal Magazine)

“Seven Thorns is Denmark’s best answer to a metal band of international stature, as the album’s production qualities also testify. These guys know what they want and they are really good at doing it” ~ Martin (Power of Metal Magazine)

“Return to the Past is most likely to be the best power metal release in 2010” ~ Johanne (Gaffa Magazine) :: Rating – 83/100 “Return to the Past” is without a doubt one of the best Danish power metal album in quite some time, and an album that should help Seven Thorns establish themselves as one of Denmark’s leading power metal bands with ease. I have been living with this album for the past three months and whenever I return to the same issues pops up; where is the originality and why are they so heavily influenced by German Power Metal? But put that aside and you end up with one the finest power metal albums made in Denmark in ages, and sure they are heavily influenced by Helloween, Freedom Call and Gamma Ray as well as a few neo-classical bands, but they do try to put a twist of their own on the songs. And with great success I might add. This album has all the ingredients any fan of (German) power metal will be looking for in abundance, and the album is well played and produced, so what more can a power metal fan ask for…? Go get it!

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