Toxaemia To Release Complete CD Discography

Dark Descent Records has recently completed a deal to release the complete CD discography from classic Swedeath metallers Toxaemia.  Set for a December 15th release, the CD will contain everything every released  by the band, including Kaleidoscopic Lunacy, the Buried to Rot demos and the Beyondthe Realm EP (released by Seraphic Decay), as well as previously unreleased material recorded during the Buried to Rot sessions.  In all, 17 songs spanning over 65 minutes of classic-era, skull-crushing Swedish death metal! The material will be sourced off of the original master tapes and remixed/remastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Studio.

Toxaemia was formed by longtime friends Pontus Cervin, Emil Norrman and Stevo Bolgakov. In their first lineup, Emil played Guitar and a friend Brun was supposed to play the drums, with Stevo on guitar and Pontus on the bass. It became evident that Brun was not a natural drummer and Emil steeped in to do the drums. Brun took on the vocal role. They called themselves O.S.S Brun was later replaced by Holma, who also wrote the lyrics. At this point the band had various name changes including Mutilator and then Anguish. New material was written and heavy rehearsing began. This led to the recording of a rehearsal tape in September 1989 called ‘Deadly Coronations.’ After this it was not long before it was agreed that Holma would leave the vocals to Stevo and a new member Linus Olzon was recruited. This line up would become Toxaemia.

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